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    Majority of World Bank Funds for Citarum to Overcome Waste in Bandung


    JAKARTA - The World Bank will disburse funds amounting to US $ 100 Million or Rp 1.4 trillion to overcome the garbage problem in the Citarum river. Later, 80 percent of the total World Bank loan funds are used to overcome the waste problem in Greater Bandung.

    This is based on the fact that 80 percent of the waste in the Citarum river comes from the Bandung Raya area. Meanwhile, 20 percent came from outside Bandung Raya, such as Bekasi, Karawang, and Purwakarta.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil explained that the funds will be used as an investment in infrastructure development, waste management to the RT or RW level, and to build or change people's mindsets about waste.

    Emil said - the familiar greeting of Ridwan Kamil - after attending a coordination meeting with the Indonesian Maritime Affairs Coordinating Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan regarding the use of loan funds from the World Bank at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Jakarta, Friday (6/21/2019).

    "Earlier (in a coordination meeting), agreed on the way (the use of funds). We have agreed that 80 percent deal with waste in Bandung Raya and 20 percent in Non-Bandung Raya," Emil said.

    "Then we will focus on the funds that will be used to resolve waste by upgrading people's mindsets as well," he continued.

    The technology that will be applied is home technology, such as biodigester and TPS 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). By increasing efforts at the household level, said Emil, it is expected that the garbage will be netted until finally there is no garbage in the Citarum river.

    "So, the home-level technologies of the RT / RW level will be funded by this budget (from the World Bank)," he said.

    "Therefore, this fund is not a matter of transporting garbage, we want to invest in the level of houses. Like making biodigesters, at the RT level we make TPS 3R, if it is not enough, in the Subdistrict to scale up the area, until finally "towards the river (the quantity of garbage) is close to zero," he concluded.

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