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    Ridwan Kamil Appreciated Quality of West Java Hajj Services


    BEKASI - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil attends the inauguration of the Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH) while conducting a 'Meal Test' for Jakarta-Bekasi Embarkation / Debarkation Hajj Flights in Bekasi Hajj Dormitory Hall, Bekasi City, Thursday (06/20/2019).

    According to Emil - thus Ridwan Kamil was addressed -, the number of pilgrims from West Java was the highest in Indonesia, namely around 39 thousand pilgrims or 19 percent of the total national pilgrims. So, he asked the organizers to provide the best service, so that the congregation could carry out the Hajj solemnly and return to the country safely.

    "All are eager to facilitate a religious activity that becomes the face of all of us. We take care that the congregation can be mabrur and mabruroh," he said.

    Emil also hopes that the queue list or waiting time for people who want to worship the Hajj can be reduced. At present, in Indonesia the congregation's waiting time to be able to go to the holy land reaches 40 years.

    Meanwhile, the waiting time for pilgrims in West Java ranges from 12 to 20 years. Emil invited all parties, including the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java, to strive to keep the congregation's waiting time pressed.

    "Already have the ability, but because of an administrative rule they have to wait 40 years, even though their age is not necessarily enough," he said.

    Moreover, the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo has established communication with the Government of Saudi Arabia regarding the addition of the hajj quota. Then, it is expected that there will be efforts and policies regarding the addition of Indonesian Hajj quotas.

    "We believe that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Large populations, combined with a good economy, can be seen from the many people who want to perform Hajj and Umrah," Emil said.

    In addition, Emil also explained why the hajj departure could not be done through the West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati Majalengka. According to him, this happened because of a number of administrative problems. In fact, for the airport infrastructure itself is very ready.

    "Hopefully next year the BIJB Kertajati could become the Hajj Embarkation / Debarkation for West Java," he said.

    Regarding the 'Meal Test' issue, Emil stated that the food provided for pilgrims was very feasible. Moreover, the Holy Land will also be provided with regional specialties or according to the origin of Embarkation.

    In addition, the Hajj committee will also increase fish-based food for pilgrims, the majority of whom are over 50 years old. Emil did not forget to give appreciation to the organizers of the pilgrimage, especially with the service between luggage from the airport to the hotel congregation staying overnight.

    "We also entrusted, in August, climatologically very hot, high temperatures, dehydrated, I was given extra drinking, given an additional choice to consume more of the congregation," he said.

    Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of West Java Province A Buchori said, problems always come and go. However, the problems that come each year vary. That, he said, shows how dynamic Hajj activities are in Indonesia and West Java.

    Therefore, innovation becomes a trust, so that the Hajj service continues to improve every year. Buchori said that the number of PPIH West Java officers in 2019 was around 355 people with details of 22 leadership elements and 332 PPIH assistants.

    According to Buchori, the elements involved in the Jakarta-Bekasi Embarkation PPIH, namely the Ministry of Religion, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, West Java Provincial Government, Bekasi City Metro Police, and Bekasi City Government elements.

    "The operational period of hajj pilgrimage departure is only 20 days left. That is precisely on July 6, 2019, the first flight group starts to enter the dormitory and departs from July 7, 2019," he said.

    Buchori said that the number of West Java pilgrims reached 38,913 pilgrims. In addition, there are around 285 TPHD, 485 flight attendants, and divided into 97 flight groups (kloter). So, the total total departed from West Java is around 39,683 people.

    "Before departure to Saudi Arabia, all pilgrims will be quarantined for approximately 12-14 hours at the hajj boarding house. To ensure the readiness of pilgrims, and the things needed by pilgrims," ??he said.

    During the departure of Hajj 2019, the West Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion conducted integrated training for all Hajj officers. This was done in order to increase the synergy between flight attendants and group leaders.

    Buchori added, West Java Province already has 1,097 certified pilgrimage guides. So, it is not difficult to find a guide for pilgrims.

    Director of Foreign Hajj Services, Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah Services, Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia sia, Sri Ilham Lubis, said that the implementation of the Hajj was divided into two phases.

    The first phase is a departure that is planned to start from 6 -19 July 2019, for the first wave, with the aim of the airport Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Azis Medina. For the second wave, namely July 20 to August 5 2019 with the aim of the King Abdul Azis Jeddah airport.

    Then, the second phase is repatriation, for the first wave will begin on August 17-31 2019, and pilgrims will be repatriated via the King Abdul Azis Jeddah airport. For the second wave, starting on 30 August -15 September 2019 from the airport Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Azis Medina.

    "And the plan to reach 9 Dzulhijjah 1440 H / 2019, is expected to fall on Saturday 10 August 2019," he said.

    The pilgrimage in 2019 was flown through 13 Hajj Embarkations. Nationally, the total number of regular Hajj pilgrims plus officers is 216,645 people, divided into 529 flight groups. "After the negotiation and selection process was carried out, the Indonesian Ministry of Religion determined two airlines, namely Garuda Airlines and Saudi Airlines," said Sri.

    Garuda Airlines will dispatch pilgrims from Aceh Embarkation, Medan, Padang, parts of Jakarta to Pondok Gede, Solo, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Makassar and Lombok. While Saudia Airlines will fly pilgrims from the Embarkation of Batam, Palembang, part of Jakarta Pondok Gede, Jakarta-Bekasi, and Surabaya.

    For facilities during the flight, the pilgrims will get baggage that can be filled with a maximum of 32 kilograms, a maximum bag of 7 kg, and a passport bag. The congregation will also get zam of 5 liters / gallon of water.

    "During the return, pilgrims will get two meals and one snack, as well as drinks according to international flight standards," Sri said.

    In addition, Sri said that his party provided extra cover as insurance for the dead congregation in performing the Hajj. Extra cover worth Rp. 120 million. Even though it is also ready to facilitate the sick pilgrims.

    The Ministry of Religion, the Directorate General of PHU, in particular, annually increases the services of the Hajj pilgrimage. Last year, it received an index of Hajj services in Saudi Arabia of 85.23. This can be achieved thanks to the hard work of various parties involved.

    "The Hajj satisfaction index for 2019 will hopefully increase after a performance contract has been signed between the Directorate General of PHU and the Minister of Religion which is 85.3," said Sri.

    "The congregation does not need to wait for the baggage at the gate, but it can go directly to the hotel. It is necessary to pay attention to the standardization of marking luggage," he continued.

    In addition, there is a new policy that all pilgrims will receive 24 hour transit services. The Ministry of Religion also seeks to provide comfort by providing coolers in tents while at Arafat.

    "Local catering will be provided for catering, we will enter a one-week menu 2-3 times the regional menu," he concluded.

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