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    Netty Inaugurates Chairman of TP PKK and Dekranasda Bandung Regency


    BANDUNG-PKK Team Leader and Chairman of the National Crafts Council of West Java Province Netty Heryawan inducted Chairman  of the PKK and Dekranasda of Bandung regency Dadang Naser Kurnia in period 2016-2021 which took place in Moch. Toha Building, Bandung District Government Complex on Friday (01/04/16).

    In her speech, Netty said that the role of women is remarkable in addition to being the subject of development, but also become the primary educator and the first for the nation's future. It is not wrong when a woman became the PKK cadres in daily to educate the family welfare empowerment to the community.

    As the cadres of the PKK have to think hard how to build awareness and brings about changes in the family who have antibodies in the community so that people can also participate in the development. "I remind you that there are four enemies in family that devastating for families, they are pornography, Human Trafficking, HIV/Aids and drugs," Netty said.

    Additionally, Netty also advised on the management of Dekranasda and Bandung District Government, to always conduct training with businesses to improve the knowledge base. So the quality of local products can compete with other regions and nations attached to the elements of art and culture.

    "So when the families of West Java has antibody and can improve the welfare of the community with the empowerment of women, it will reduce the social problems," she concluded.

    In line with Netty, Vice Regent of Bandung, Gungun Gunawan said that as a partner of the government, the PKK continues to educate and counsel people with programs initiated by the government. PKK has a strategic role in accelerating development to improve people's welfare.

    "I hope to continue the programs that have been and will be planned in order to improve and preserve local culture, especially culinary, fashion and craft. It can have a sale value and competitiveness with other regions and nations," he added.

    Inaugural Chairman of the PKK and Dekranasda Bandung District was attended by Vice Regent of Bandung Gungun Gunawan, Secretary of Bandung District Sofian Nataprawira, Vice-Chairman of the PKK and Dekranasda West Java Province Giselawati Mizwar, Chairman of the DWP Regency Bandung Windar Sofian, Vice Chairman of Dekranasda Dyan Threshold Siswanti, Head of the OPD of Bandung regency government, PKK and Dekranasda Bandung regency.

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