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    Appealing of West Java Governor about Concurrent Local Election: Putting aside the Competition, Focusing on Serving


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil attended the Silaturahim Ba'da I'edul Fitri 1440 H along with the ranks of the General Election Commission (KPU) throughout West Java at the Pakuan State Building Tennis Court, Bandung, Wednesday (06/19/2019) .

    In his remarks, Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was addressed - said that eight regencies / cities in West Java would hold the Election of Regional Heads (Pilkada) simultaneously in 2020 which covers Bandung Regency, Cianjur Regency, Indramayu regency, Karawang Regency, Pangandaran Regency, Sukabumi Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, and Depok City.

    Emil invited various related parties to carry out the democratic party as well as possible. He also called ready in terms of increasing the budget. "The hope is that eight regions can produce leaders who want to work, not just power for status," he said.

    According to Emil, Pilkada is a matter of method. Meanwhile, the most important thing is dedication and service to build the nation and improve the welfare of the community. Power is obtained to make the best decisions for people's welfare, not just status.

    In addition, Emil reminded all parties to maintain conducivity. Conducivity itself, he said, was the most important condition for building Indonesia.

    "Not to mention the election of the Village Chief, sometimes exceeding the Presidential Election, there are campaigns, intimidation, money politics. I am worried about one, do not let our lives run out in the competition chapter, but we must focus on the chapter of dedication," he said.

    Chairman of the West Java Regional Election Commission Rifqi Ali Mubaroq said, there were stages of the dispute over the Legislative Election (Pileg) in July. According to him, there is a range of 20 disputes at the Regency / City level, 3 disputes at the West Java DPRD level, and 10 DPR RI level disputes for the West Java Electoral District.

    Therefore, Rifqi asked the related parties to prepare several things to deal with the dispute process. The aim is to show the performance as the best election organizer.

    "For 2019, we should be grateful and happy. The General Election can run smoothly and smoothly. We work together with Bawaslu, all of the process of voting dynamics is over," he said.

    The success, said Rifqi, is also thanks to cooperation with the ranks of the Government at various levels, the TNI and the National Police. In addition, he said that voter turnout in West Java is high, with 82.5 percent for the presidential election and 79 percent for legislative elections.

    "So it is not linear, in fact, the presidential election with the DPR. So there are around 15 percent or 18 percent who are not present at polling stations," he said.

    According to Rifqi, the number of high participation held by the City of Tasikmalaya, which is 89 percent. Also, it should be grateful that there was an increase in Cianjur Regency, Indramayu Regency and Cirebon, where the participation rate was only around 50-60 percent, now there is an increase.

    In addition to happy news, Rifqi also expressed sad news about the death of several election officials in West Java, namely 160 officers who died as heroes of democracy. "We make sure they die they have a trigger factor of fatigue, not because of other factors," he said.

    Rifqi added that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) responded to the incident quickly by providing compensation to families of Election Officers who died.

    On the same occasion, Rifqi appealed to the Regency / City level KPU that would carry out the 2020 elections to make the best possible preparations, starting now. The main thing, he said, is the preparation of the budget to finance the need for simultaneous regional elections. "This means that the 2020 implementation of the simultaneous regional election is not from the state budget," he said.

    The next preparation that must get more attention is the implementation regulation. According to Rifqi, so far the West Java Election Commission is still awaiting the direction of the KPU RI regarding the simultaneous regional election regulation. After that, the preparation that must be considered is the logistics aspect.

    "This includes arranging honorariums for election organizers, Sub-District Implementing Committees (PPK), Voting Committees (PPS), and honorarium for the Voting Organizers (KPPS)," he said.

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