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    The West Java Provincial Government Formed an Investigation Team for the Domination of New Student Admission


    BANDUNG CITY - The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java detected three addresses of new prospective student residence (CPDB) that did not match the domicile. Chair of the 2019 West Java New Student Admission (PPDB) which is also West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said, the three addresses were obtained after the Investigation Team of the PPDB Domicile 2019 conducted an examination.

    The findings, said Iwa Karniwa, will be delegated to the branch of the Education Office in the region. Then, it is forwarded to the education or school unit. Later, the education unit or school concerned calls CPDB parents to fix it.

    "So, later the school will call. We ask to fix it. If it cannot be repaired, yes, the risk of parents. Because, CPDB uses the zoning route. The data submitted must be real, "he said accompanied by the Head of the West Java Education Agency Dewi Sartika, after the PPDB evaluation meeting at the West Java Provincial Education Office, Bandung, Wednesday (06/19/2019).

    According to Iwa Karniwa, the establishment of the Domestic Investigation Team of PPDB 2019 was in response to the direction of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. Emil - Ridwan Kamil's address -, he said, advised him to crack down on CPDB using family cards and information on 'bodong' residents.

    "The question of verifying the correct CPDB data has become our concern so that the PPDB process runs accountable," he said.

    The Chairperson of the Domicile Investigation Team of PPDB 2019, who is also the Head of the West Java Population and Civil Registry Service, Heri Suherman, explained that his team was formed to verify the real domicile of CPDB with the help of the West Java Civil Service Police Unit and the Rukun of local residents.

    "Our work is assisted by the RW head. We can't go down without involving RW. Later they will make a residence certificate if it is correct, "he said.

    Heri Suherman asserted that the domicile statement was only entitled to be issued by Disdukcapil. Meanwhile, RW issued a statement of residence as a supplement to the family card (KK) if needed.

    Regarding KK, said Heri Suherman, it can be printed in a short time. Even if there is a new KK, but the residents have lived a dozen years, then they need a statement from the RW. The new KK can also appear because there is a new printing due to data updates.

    "To optimize work, we will continue to strengthen across OPD. Including conveying the results to the public on a regular basis, "said Heri Suherman.

    Secretary of the West Java Satpol PP Office, Sapta Yulianto Dasuki, said that if the verification results from the domicile team detect indications of a criminal offense, it will be submitted to the police. The Satpol PP will act in the realm of Governor Regulation. "If it has to do with the Regency / City, then we will also involve the Regency / City Satpol PP," he said.

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