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    Atalia Praratya: Fish consumption in West Java must be improved


    BANDUNG CITY - Chairperson of West Java Province PKK Driving Team who is also the Chairperson of West Java Province Forum for Increasing Fish Eating (Forikan), Atalia Praratya Kamil, reminded the importance of consuming fish early in the Coordination Meeting at the West Java Provincial Maritime and Fisheries Office Hall, Bandung, Wednesday (06/19/19).

    According to Atalia Praratya, increased consumption of fish plays an important role in the Nutrition Improvement Movement on 1,000 First Days of Life (HPK). The program can reduce the problems of stunting and malnutrition.

    "The benefits of eating fish are extraordinary, because just eating fish can reduce the impact that is currently on, namely cases of stunting, malnutrition, as well as other cases and also including regenerative diseases," she said.

    "Me and Forikan together with the West Java Provincial Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries held a Coordination Meeting so that more people would be eager to boost fish. Hopefully, in the future there will be more information that we get to do movement in the community," she continued.

    Atalia Praratya stated that fish consumption per capita in West Java must be increased. Based on data from the Department of Marine and Fisheries of West Java Province, the target of West Java fish consumption is 29.6 kilograms / capita / year. Meanwhile, the consumption rate of the West Java community has only touched 26kg / capita / year or 82 grams per day.

    One effort to increase fish consumption is by forming a movement to eat fish (Gemarikan). However, said Atalia Praratya, the implementation of the Gemarikan program is not only a task for Forikan, but also the task of all components of institutions, institutions, and communities, in order to prepare a generation of healthy and intelligent nations.

    "We are from the West Java Province PKK together with relevant stakeholders and agencies were present to the community in the Sarling (Mobile Broadcasting) program to enter the core areas, namely Posyandu and PAUD. This was done so that parents pay more attention to the nutrition of their children starting with eating fish , "she said.

    In addition, Atalia Praratya said there were other ways for people to easily get fish for consumption, including by using sleeping land to become productive land such as making fish ponds.

    The land itself is agricultural land that has not been used for more than two years. On the land, the community can plant useful live pharmacies or other plants, and at a minimum can be used for their individual needs.

    "This land can be overgrown with live chemicals, or later with plants that can increase the economy of the community. This includes making fish ponds that can be used to bring fish closer to the community. This is so that people can easily get the fish to be consumed," she said.

    Head of West Java Province's Fisheries and Maritime Services Office, Jafar Ismail, stated that until now, his party had organized various programs and activities to increase fish consumption figures. This shows the seriousness of the government to encourage people to eat fish.

    "One way that can be done is through promotional activities. Promotional activities in this regard are done to change behavior and increase public awareness of the importance of consuming fish," he said.

    "Gemarikan is the spearhead of the overall marine and fisheries production activities. It is said to be the spearhead because if production is not absorbed by the community, it will certainly be in vain," he continued.

    Jafar Ismalin also hopes that the Gemarikan program can boost West Java's Fish Consumption Rate (AKI), which is relevant to increasing community productivity. So, the people of West Java like to consume and make fish as the main menu in the household.

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