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    Target of Current Drugs among Middle and Lower Classes


    BANDUNG (06/19/2019) - The target of drugs spread is currently greater is the lower middle class both in terms of socio-economic and age. Head of West Java BNN Sufyan Syarif said the lower middle class also included school children up to junior high school and Islamic boarding schools.

    "Therefore we ask the help of the scholars to help campaign for the dangers of drugs in Islamic boarding schools, mosques and other broad circles of society," Sufyan said.

    In terms of type according to Sufyan in the world today there are more than 7 new types of drugs and already entering Indonesia there are around 70 of them.

    "Many are unknown and in various forms. So you have to be careful, you have to be more vigilant and should be of concern to all parties" he explained.

    Therefore, Sufyan considered that cooperation with the ulamas was very important as an inherent force in the community. (Even)

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