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    Developing Jatiluhur Reservoir by Increasing Regional Original Revenue


    PURWAKARTA - Jatiluhur Reservoir Purwakarta Regency has great potential to be developed. Sources of irrigation, drinking water, fisheries facilities, power plants, tourism, and culture, have become dimensions to develop an area whose lake area reaches 8,300 hectares.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil directly observed the condition of the Jatiluhur reservoir on Wednesday (06/19/2019). According to him, the dam built by the French contractor, the Compagnie française d'entreprise in 1957 has the potential to increase Regional Original Income (PAD) by up to five times.

    Emil - so Ridwan Kamil was called - also stated that the reservoir was also called Reservoir Ir. H. Juanda should be made as a Special Economic Zone (Sez) or Special Economic Zone.

    "It was a special day because I was concentrating on seeing in plain view the economic rise of the region," he said.

    "We believe this is possible. Coupled with tourism events, such as paddle board competitions, there are Jatiluhur Jazz Festival, etc.," he continued.

    With development, Emil hopes that the largest reservoir in Indonesia can become a superior West Java in the tourism sector. Meanwhile, this review is to analyze and determine the master plan for the development of the area.

    "Each location is analyzed, maybe at one point a restaurant can be made, at another point there are tourist markets, floating hotels and others," he said.

    Regarding the budget, Emil claimed he had not made a plan. However, he hopes that the Jatiluhur development project can begin in early 2020. At present, he said, what needs to be done is to disseminate information massively about interesting activities in Jatiluhur.

    To develop Jatiluhur, Emil stated that it was open to investors, both domestic and foreign. Because, he continued, investment is a growth engine as well as a means of absorbing labor.

    "Here we need cohesiveness, the corporation of PJT II, ??the territory of Purwakarta, coordination with Pemdaprov (Regional Government of West Java Province), up to (Government) centers, all must be coordinated," he said.

    President Director of Perum Jasa Tirta (PJT) II Saifudin Nur said he was happy because the West Java Provincial Government understood very well the hydrological potential in Pasundan Land. If the potential is issued, he said, the economy of West Java can increase. Because, the hydrological path has added value and is not only used as a source of raw water and agriculture.

    "Hydrological potential abounds in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, irrigation, to maximize this potential, West Java Provincial Government together with Perum Jasa Tirta (PJT) II agreed to develop the water tourism sector as a superior," he said.

    According to Saifudin Nur, the Jatiluhur reservoir has natural beauty and is a strategic infrastructure if developed into a tourist area. So, in July, it will hold a number of events to stretch tourism activities in the Jatiluhur region.

    One of them will be the Paddle Board Festival, Jatiluhur Run 10K, and Jatiluhur Jazz Festival in July. In addition, Saifudin Nur also stated that he did not close other sectors that could be involved in Jatiluhur tourism including local MSME actors.

    "If the development of the water tourism sector is realized, it will provide other benefits such as improving social functions to the function of conservation or environmental management," he concluded.

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