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    Provincial Government and West Java Parliament Eliminate Three Regulations


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) and West Java Provincial Parliament continue to finalize three Draft Regional Regulations (Raperda). This was stated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after a Plenary Meeting in the West Java Parliament on Tuesday (6/18/2019).

    The three draft regulations that are being discussed include the draft regulation on religious education, the draft regulation on housing development and settlement area development plans (RP3KP) in 2019-2039, and the draft regulation on health management.

    According to Emil - thus Ridwan Kamil was addressed -, the West Java Provincial Government had a dream of facilitating funding for the implementation of religious education. This is needed in order to strengthen the institutional aspects of religious education.

    That is, West Java Provincial Government is trying to improve the capacity of Human Resources (HR) as well as the quality of students in religious education institutions. "One of the Governor's promises is to take care of pesantren more fairly. That is by the presence of a Regional Regulation (Perda) on religious education," Emil said.

    Meanwhile, the draft regulation on the implementation of health, said Emil, as an effort of the West Java Provincial Government to improve the public health index and realize the 1945 Constitution. Which every citizen has the right to receive good health services.

    "Then we will improve our health service facilities. The West Java provincial government must improve the public health index," he said.

    The draft RP3KP year 2019-2039 was submitted by the West Java Provincial Government and the District / City Government of West Java with the aim of creating a region that functions as a residential environment and a place of activity that supports planned life and livelihoods.

    "On June 24, 2019, the Governor's response will be read at the Plenary Meeting, God willing, smoothly and become a Regional Regulation," he concluded.

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