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    Chairman of the West Java MUI Urged Residents Not to Demonstrate to the Constitutional Court


    BANDUNG - Chairperson of the West Java Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) KH Rahmat Syafei appealed to West Java residents not to take a demonstration to the Constitutional Court (MK) Building, let alone influence the outcome of the Constitutional Court judge's decision with mass action.

    "I have experience when I became a judge. There were demonstrations, but the judges continued to make decisions that were not affected by the actions of all kinds of mass actions. The judges will adhere to the prevailing legal norms in Indonesia," he said during the MUI West Java bihalal with West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil Lingga Hotel, Monday (6/17).

    He stressed that there was no need for further commotion regarding the presidential election that had already taken place and the results were widely known. According to him, the lawsuit is valid as long as it is carried out in accordance with the law, not through pressure from demonstration.

    "The legal process is an ordinary thing, waiting for the decision. The meeting is also held openly and transparently," he explained.

    The same thing was conveyed by Ridwan Kamil. According to him the public can monitor the running of the presidential election lawsuit through the mass media, because the trial was covered nationally by the mass media.

    "Monitor with mass media only, security is also very tight. There is no need to go to Jakarta," he said. Jo

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