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    Atalia Praratya: Need Consideration when Register New Student Admission 2019


    BANDUNG CITY- The Chairperson of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team Atalia Praratya Kamil understands very well that precise consideration is needed in the 2019 New Student Admission (PPDB). The distance of domicile plus National Examination results is one of the most important indicators.

    Therefore, Atalia Praratya considered the two indicators before registering her second child Camillia Laetitia Azzahra to 3 State High School Bandung, Monday (6/17/2019). He also advised parents of other students to take similar steps.

    "When viewed from the results, the NEM is quite good, 385. But, it seems, because Zara's condition (Camillia's greeting) has moved to Pakuan Building. Because since Kang Emil (Ridwan Kamil) was appointed (to be the Governor of West Java), we have decided to move. So, almost 6 months more moved to Pakuan. We will try the mutation path, "he said.

    The biggest percentage for zoning lines, which is 90 percent. For the zoning route itself is divided into three, namely 55 percent of pure zoning pathways, 20 percent of the Poor Economic Family Pathway (KETM), and 15 percent for combination zoning pathways. The remaining 5 percent is for the achievement path.

    Atalia Praratya knew very well that the chance for the princess to enter the school was relatively small via the mutation path. So, he has prepared the next plan, which is registering Zara to a private school.

    "Because this is indeed very few quota, we must get ready. So that's why, this time together with Zara enrolled in SMA 3 and SMA 5, because this area is quite close to the Pakuan Building, "he said.

    "We are also dealing with other people who are closer. "The combination path, moreover, the calculation can be smaller for the amount of the calculation," he continued.

    Atalia Praratya also appealed to parents whose children were not included in public schools not to worry. Apart from being able to switch to private schools, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) plus the Central Government will take note of the situation.

    Moreover, the West Java Provincial Education Office has coordinated with the Private Universities' Consultative Body (BMPS) to require private high schools to receive KETM students with a percentage of 20 percent.

    "We try our best and don't make a wrong strategy. We also see the condition of our children why PPDB is in line with zoning because the future of our children is also ensured by distance too, "said Atalia Praratya.

    "If you are considered unable to enter a certain school, don't be forced, in the end the child will feel burdened. Just go to school which is in accordance with the child's capacity. Starting from distance and capacity, "he concluded.

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