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    Atalia Praratya Registered her daughter to Bandung 3 State High School


    BANDUNG CITY- New Student Acceptance (PPDB) 2019 has been opened. The Chairman of the PKK Driving Team of West Java Province who is also the wife of West Java Governor, Atalia Praratya Kamil, registered her second child Camillia Laetitia Azzahra to SMA 3 Bandung on Monday (6/17/2019).

    Atalia Praratya arrived just when the registration door opened or at 08:00 WIB. Even so, he got a line number 197. According to him, this happened because of the high enthusiasm of the community to register their children to the desired school.

    "It's okay for kids. Indeed, said Kang Emil, the task as a mother is prioritized family. If Zahra (the nickname of Camillia) is number one, "Atalia Praratya told reporters while waiting for number 197 to be called to the registration room.

    Atalia Praratya himself was reluctant to use the wife status of the number one person in West Java Province to get privileges in PPDB this time. He insisted on implementing PPDB in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures.

    "So, what is important is that we do it according to the rules that apply. From the very first time, Kang Emil (Ridwan Kamil) was very complicated when it came to rules. So, whatever the community does, applies to us, "she said.

    Therefore, Atalia Praratya has prepared a plan if her daughter is not accepted at the desired school. One of them chose the intended private school. Moreover, he continued, children will find their own way to success.

    "Mother and father don't need to worry because in fact all of them have already arranged that our children, whatever the process, they will lead to their own success. No need to use all kinds of ways, it's normal, "she said.

    Even so with Zahra. Although he hopes to enter the school, she is not burdened if she has to go to school elsewhere. Moreover, the average score of the 2019 National Exam is quite large. That even eroded his confidence.

    "Because this year is a really big average. And a greater value above me is a lot. So, optimism is not too high. You see, there are still a lot bigger in me too. It's okay, because it's not a match, it's not a problem, "Zahra said.

    Public Relations of SMA 3 Bandung Bandung Sapto Laksono appreciated what Atalia Praratya and Zahra did. According to him, what was done by the wife of the Governor of West Java was an example for the people of West Java.

    "One lesson is that a high-ranking official can follow the procedures, show that he is a good citizen who is always loyal to the rules. Anyone is the same. And it is proven not number 1, but 197, "Sapto said.

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