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    West Java Deputy Governor Monitoring New Student Registration via Command Center


    BANDUNG CITY - Deputy Governor of West Java Ruzhanul Ulum Law monitoring the implementation of the first day New Student Registration (PPDB) High School / Vocational School 2019 at UPTD Education Information and Communication Technology (Tikomdik) West Java Provincial Education Office, Dr. Rajiman Street No. 6, Bandung City, Monday (6/17/19).

    Accompanied by Head of West Java Provincial Education Office Dewi Sartika, Deputy Governor of Uu Ruzhanul video conference with branch heads of education offices and principals in several cities / districts in West Java in the Tikomdik command center room.

    It was reported that in Cianjur District PPDB went smoothly with high enthusiasm from residents. There are even residents who line up from 04.00 WIB. While in Karawang Regency, the PPDB process on the first day took place smoothly, safely, and in control with the registrants who were very enthusiastic. There are 865 students who have registered with the process of inputting data per day around 300 applicants.

    The last school called Deputy Governor is the State High School 1 of Tasikmalaya City. The capacity of this school reaches 408 students, while those already registered are 127 people. The PPDB process at SMAN 1 runs smoothly supported by computer systems that operate well.

    "PPDB has no obstacles. "I even had a teleconference with several districts / cities," said the Deputy Governor.

    However, the Deputy Governor noted that the high enthusiasm of the community was partly not supported by the capacity of the school, even though there had been an additional 17,000 school seats this year.

    "However, the available capacity in this State High School is less able to accommodate all SMP output," he said.

    For this reason, the Provincial Government (Pemadprov) of West Java appreciates private high school / vocational schools that accept junior high school graduates or equivalent who cannot be accepted in public schools in West Java.

    "I express my gratitude to private parties or foundations that make formal education such as high school / vocational school, where they help us in the world of education, especially in accepting students who are now out of junior high school and entering high school," he said.

    The Deputy Governor of Uu said, not all high school / vocational schools in West Java have adequate facilities for implementing PPDB.

    "We will evaluate it in the future, it turns out that software and hardware problems must really be considered facilities and infrastructure, so that the community can be served well and quickly," said the Deputy Governor.

    On the Deputy Governor's note, the West Java Provincial Education Office immediately evaluated the implementation of PPDB this year. According to the Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office Dewi Sartika, the PPDB committee opened a complaints service for parents and the community. Each school is required to have a complaint information and service section.

    "This means that each school provides classes for information. Secondly, they (schools) also prepare (service) complaints. "All complaints must be received by the school, the education unit, then structured," Dewi explained.

    "Structured means who complains who - so there must be a KTP, the relationship with students, what kind of material (complaint). Structurally, which one should be completed by the school, which one is by the KCD (Office of the Branch Office), which one is by us (the provincial education office), "he explained.

    People Don't Have to Worry

    ANTUSIASM of the community on the first day of the PPDB process was very high. Even though the implementation of PPDB is quite long, from 17-22 June 2019. However, it turns out that most people still want to register on the first day.

    Actually, people don't need to worry. Said Uu Deputy Governor, West Java Provincial Education Office either through mass media or direct socialization to parents or students at the junior high school level or equivalent so that the community is not in a hurry in PPDB.

    "We have conveyed, (the people) do not rush because we will provide a long time. But maybe everyone wants to finish quickly, "said the Deputy Governor.

    "The point is the Regional Government of West Java Province through the Office of Education, God willing, will serve the community well," he continued.

    The Deputy Governor also confirmed that the registration time would not affect the results of PPDB. "There is no influence to register today, when the list is opened directly, or the list in the last (day), but the evaluation will determine the entry or not," explained the Deputy Governor.

    "And once again, I ask that there be no safekeeping," he said.

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