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    West Java Secretary Opened the Citarum Watershed Disaster Risk Reduction Movement Training


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa opened the training of the community-based Citarum Watershed Disaster Movement (GPRB) at the Lingga Hotel on Monday (6/17/2019). The training was attended by 100 participants from nine villages in Pacet District and Ketasari District, Bandung Regency.

    The Citarum River is the largest and longest river in West Java Province, reaching 269 km in length and the total area of the Citarum watershed is 12,000 square km. The Citarum River has a strategic role for the social, cultural and economic life of the community.
    Not surprisingly, the Central Government via the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia and the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java worked together to improve the Citarum watershed.

    "As has been done by the TNI, especially the Siliwangi Military Command III in the field with hard work, now Citarum has changed compared to before," said Iwa Karniwa.

    According to Iwa Karniwa, with the GPRB Citarum Watershed, community coordination and awareness regarding environmentally friendly civilization will soar. That way, the disaster risk in the Citarum watershed is eroded.

    "The civilization of the community can reduce disaster risk, then how to deal with disasters and how after the disaster," he said.

    Iwa Karniwa also hopes that the participants of the Citarum River Basin GPRB this time will be able to become a driving force to make people aware of not making litter, prohibiting and helping to resolve illegal logging in forests and plantations, and planting hard trees.

    "In addition, how will the community conduct civilization related to the surrounding environment to become supervisors. Especially, for the problem of industrial waste, so that later industrial waste will also become one of the targets that must be resolved, "he said.

    If these steps are carried out and implemented by the community within 7 years, said Iwa Karniwa, the GPRB of the Citarum Watershed can be one of the models for solving river problems in Indonesia.

    The Deputy of Social Vulnerability Coordination and Disaster Impact of the Indonesian Ministry of RMK, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Dody Usodo, stated that the training was motivated by Presidential Regulation No. 15 of 2018 concerning the Acceleration of Citarum Watershed Pollution Control.

    Therefore, the Indonesian Ministry of PMK is trying to build a cross-sectoral program to increase the capacity of the community to face the threat of disasters, especially floods and landslides.

    The training was held for five days. The participants will be given technical knowledge such as village level disaster management strategies, management of early warning, preparation of evacuation routes, program planning and budgeting, handling vulnerable people and disabilities, including increasing environmental awareness in waste management along the Citarum watershed which also supports the Clean Indonesian Movement.

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