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    The First Day New Student Registration, Society Enthusiastic for Schooling Children


    BANDUNG CITY- The enthusiasm of the people who will send their children to high school / vocational school is very high. This can be seen from the long queue on the first day of New Student Registration (PPDB) at State 8 Senior High School and 3 State Vocational School in Bandung City, Solontongan Street, Bandung, Monday (6/17/19).

    From the monitoring of the West Java Public Relations Reporting Team, since 07.30 WIB there were already many students and parents arriving. The registration process took place in an orderly and smooth manner.

    The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, directly reviewed the PPDB process in the two schools that were located opposite the Buahbatu area, Bandung City.

    Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul appreciated the enthusiasm of the people in PPDB this year. Parents are willing to wait long for their turn.

    "So, with this enthusiasm, I feel happy. It means that later the Human Development Index, especially in education, will increase," said Deputy Governor when met after reviewing the implementation of PPDB in Bandung City 8 High School.

    In PPDB 2019, Bandung State Senior High School 8 received 370 new students from five lines and zoning. Among them are the Pure Distance Zonation Path, Combination Zoning Paths, Zoning of the Poor Family Economic Pathway (KETM) and Children with Special Needs (ABK), Achievement Zoning Pathways (NHUN and Non-NHUN), and Parental Transfer Pathways. While the quota available at SMK Negeri 3 Kota Bandung reached 680 students.

    The Deputy Governor reminded students who failed to enter school through the PPDB system, so they would not be discouraged. Because the Provincial Government (Pemdapov) of West Java has various programs to encourage school-aged children in West Java to continue to study.

    "So there is no need to be pessimistic, there are other programs or policies from the government, including those who are unable but want to continue their education," explained the Deputy Governor.

    "We also have a program to encourage them to be able to go to school, because of the government's responsibility in the teaching and learning process," he continued.

    Meanwhile, the Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office Dewi Sartika who was present accompanied the Deputy Governor in the review stated that his party would strive to serve parents and students well.

    In addition, the West Java Education Office will continue to convey all PPDB information and be ready to receive public complaints regarding this matter.

    "Hopefully (the community) can calm down and we will continue to convey information regarding questions or if there must be complaints. We have prepared," he explained.

    * Islamic Boarding Schools Can Be Solutions *

    * REPRESENTATIVE * Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum advised parents whose children were not successful in being admitted to high school / vocational school or other formal schools, to continue providing education to their children. One of the educational solutions that can be given is Islamic boarding school.

    "To parents who cannot enter their children at the high school / vocational level, don't let the child not study," he ordered.

    According to the Deputy Governor, in West Java there are now many non-formal educational institutions or quality Islamic boarding schools. In fact, many Islamic boarding schools that produce quality graduates are not inferior to formal education.

    "In West Java there are educational institutions that are already common even before formal education, namely Islamic boarding schools," said the Deputy Governor.

    "And we believe the products (graduates of Islamic boarding schools) are not inferior to formal education products. Many leaders are born in Islamic boarding schools," he added.

    To improve the quality of Islamic boarding schools in West Java, it immediately has a local religious education regulation which regulates Islamic boarding schools. The regulation on the initiative of the West Java Provincial Government is being discussed in the DPRD. "God willing, with the birth (perda), pesantren will get a portion of the West Java provincial budget," said the Deputy Governor.

    "Islamic boarding schools will get regular assistance from the West Java Provincial Government. They will get assistance not from the grant post, but the regular (budget) continuous from the government. So, no need to use proposals," he said. (*)

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