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    Foreign Tourists in West Java Decline


    BANDUNG - The West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) informed the arrival of foreign visitors through Husein Sastranegara Airport in February 2016 as many as 8,402 people.

    That number decreased by 23.37 percent compared to January 2016 were recorded as many as 10,964 people. Tourists who come through the Port of Muarajati Cirebon entirely is the ship crew whose numbers have increased from 81 in January 2016 to 95 people in February 2016. It has an increase of 17.28 percent.

    Most foreign tourists coming to West Java nationality as Malaysian and Singaporean. In February 2016, Malaysian nationality of foreign tourists who come through Husein Sastranegara Airport as many as 5,758 people. The total is down compared to January 2016, which reached 7,888 people, it’s down by 27.00 percent.

    Tourists from Singapore in January 2016 recorded 1,876 people, it’s down to 1,688 in February 2016 or a decrease of 10.02 percent.

    In total number of foreign tourists visiting West Java in February 2016 as many as 8,497 people has decreased 23.07 percent compared to January 2016 recorded 11,045 people. In addition to tourists from Malaysia and Singapore, the tourists from Philippines, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia and other also decreased. Meanwhile, the number of tourists from India, USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and France have increased compared to the previous month.

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