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    Governor Asked for Help from MUI to Bridge Communities


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes that the West Java Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) will play a role in maintaining conducivity through opinions and various public education.

    He said this after attending the West Java MUI Idul Fitri 1440 H Silaturahim at Lingga Hotel, Soekarno Hatta Street, Bandung, Monday (6/17/19).

    "I invite the MUI and the entire community to maintain conducivity and strengthen the unity, not easily provoked and always become a tabayyun community," said Emil, his nickname.

    According to him, the role of the MUI is very influential in realizing safe West Java, including in educating the public to address sensitive issues that spread in various media. Emil said, Indonesia's problem now is only one that is easy for the public to be exposed to issues that cause division.

    "I entrusted to the clerics, please send a message to the people, worldly choices can be different but our ukhuwah matters remain together," he said.

    "In this case, West Java MUI can become a bridge of mediation and information to the public regarding Islamic values in order to create a country that baldatun toyyibatun warabbun gofur (a fertile, prosperous, just and safe country)", added Emil.

    The split, continued Emil, drained too much of people's daily time. Even though Indonesia already has a requirement to become a developed country with a note that conducivity is maintained. For this reason Emil asked the community to focus on constructive matters.

    "In order for us to become a developed country and superpower we focus our time on productive and positive things rather than continuing to talk about politics taking too much time to people's daily lives," Emil said.

    Previously, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) had handed over funds for the renovation of the West Java MUI building. Emil hopes that this assistance can improve the performance of the scholars who are members of the West Java MUI.

    "The people's money has to go back to the people where there is money, why not, it's simple. Incidentally, the West Java MUI has aspired to building improvements, and I have calculated and perfected, thank God, hopefully improving the performance of the ulama who are members of the West Java MUI," explained Emil.

    In the same place, Chairman of the West Java MUI Rachmat Syafei responded to the governor's request by immediately inviting scholars to further increase understanding and coordination in carrying out daily tasks.

    According to him, there are currently three major challenges for the West Java scholars. First, counteracting hoaxes that can disrupt conducivity, preserve the original source of the Koran so that it is not wrong with the agreed agreement. The third challenge is eradicating drugs with prevention, coaching and rehabilitation.

    "This is a challenge for scholars so that people can direct their emotions," Rachmat said.

    Regarding assistance for the renovation of the MUI building, Rachmat welcomed the assistance from the West Java Provincial Government. According to him, and in the near future MUI will renovate the building along with other facilities.

    "We, from West Java MUI, are happy because the initial aid was only one billion rupiah to six billion. (Dana) We will use this for renovating the building and its contents, God willing, this Wednesday will start," he said.

    In this silarutahim event, the Governor also witnessed the signing of the MoU between West Java MUI and West Java Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNNP) regarding the handling of drug problems.

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