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    Dawn Prayer in Congregation, Ridwan Kamil Delivered Good News to Karawang Residents


    KARAWANG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil carried out morning prayers in congregation with hundreds of Karawang residents at the Great Mosque of Sheikh Quro, Karawang, Sunday (06/16/2019). Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar words - claimed to be longing and wanted to greet Karawang residents.

    "Alhamdulillah, the longing for the people of Karawang was cured with dawn in this congregation, I intentionally left Bandung at 02.30 WIB," he said.

    "We are asking to open the apology door as much as possible if there are words or posts that hurt," he continued.

    In his remarks, Emil delivered a number of good news for Karawang residents. One of them is rearranging the square in Karawang to make it better. The latest design of the square in Karawang, he said, was a touch of him.

    "There is a lot of good news for Karawang, the closest is the arrangement of the square because it is his face before the others," he said.

    Emil also stated that his party was trying to eliminate the entry fees of high school or vocational schools in West Java. In addition, the Jakarta-Bandung fast train station will be built in Karawang. The development, he continued, will boost economic growth and the welfare of Karawang residents.

    "The fast train will be completed in the next 2 years where one of the stations is in Karawang. Then, there will be a new growth center and I have directed the technology company to stand there. Anyway, Karawang residents must enjoy it," he said.

    According to Emil, the largest technology company in the world, Amazon Web Service, plans to establish cooperation with the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java to build data centers in three places, one of which is Karawang. The investment value of each region reaches Rp. 1 trillion.

    Therefore, Emil asked the Karawang Regency Government to catapult the quality of Human Resources (HR), especially the younger generation, so that they could ride the class through increasing expertise.

    "So, let's be optimistic that in the next five years, Karawang will experience a big jump because Karawang's HR must go up to class, I will go to Pemkab. The young people will be trained, later the center will be built," he said

    On the same occasion, Emil reminded that building infrastructure was as important as carrying out the morning prayers in congregation, magrib reciting, and the West Java Pemdaprov program. "It must be balanced, that's why West Java is the Born Birth Champion," he said.

    Emil also asked the Village Head and Camat who were present in the morning prayer to congregate to continue to hold morning prayers in congregation regularly. "The dawn of the congregation must also be attended by the sub-district heads and village heads," he concluded.

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