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    West Java Secretary: Liberation of Waqf Land Can Be Faster


    BANDUNG - The government accelerated efforts to acquire waqf land in strategic infrastructure projects through the new Minister of Religion.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said it received good news from the Ministry of Religion regarding the acceleration of land acquisition for a number of toll roads and other infrastructure projects.

    According to him, the Ministry of Religion has decided to shorten the bureaucracy for the acquisition of waqf land in the regions.

    "Many madrassas and mosques are affected by toll roads. Previously the affairs of the waqf deed or ruislag, were constrained by regulatory problems so that the time could be up to two years. Now the regulation already exists, "he explained in Bandung on Friday (6/14/2019).

    In the new regulation, the Ministry of Religion decides that waqf land up to 5000 meters of waqf deed or its ruislag decision is sufficiently decided at the level of the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, not the Minister of Religion. "So the decision is no longer the Minister of Religion but the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion," he said.

    One of the closest waqf land acquisition uses this new policy is according to him in the Al Jabbar Mosque project in Gedebage. "This rule can be immediately implemented in the Floating Mosque project, there is the release of waqf land there," he said. (Even)

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