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    Ministry of Manpower and Mitsubishi Hold Workforce Training in Bandung


    BANDUNG - At present Indonesia is faced with a number of labor challenges such as unemployment and the quality of the workforce which is dominated by junior high school graduates and below.

    Although in the past four years the unemployment rate in Indonesia has continued to decline, only the workforce is still dominated by elementary and junior high school graduates reaching 58%, which means that in terms of the quality of workers it is still PR for the government.

    The Ministry of Manpower is working to improve the competitiveness of workers in the country through vocational training programs in vocational training centers (BLK) and competency-based apprenticeships in companies. In order to maintain the quality of the workforce, a competency certification program is also encouraged. The implementation is carried out by a Professional Certification Agency (LSP) which is under the supervision of the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP).

    Data from the Ministry of Manpower shows that the number of vocational training participants has experienced an increasing trend in the past five years. When compared between the number of participants in 2014 and 2018 there was an increase of 140 percent.

    Increasing the number of vocational training participants is in line with the government's efforts to improve and build quality and skilled human resources. Considering, in the future Indonesia needs a lot of skilled labor which is projected by 2030 to be 113 million skilled workers. While currently there are only about 57 million people available. So that every year Indonesia needs around 3.7 million skilled workers.

    "Through competency-based training, it is expected to be able to prepare skilled and competent workforce according to industry needs, in order to be able to fill vacancies in the industry or open jobs / independent businesses," said Director General of training and productivity development at Ministry of Manpower Bambang Satrio Lelono at BBPLK Bandung, Friday (6/14).

    The government will also always play an active role through budgeting the state budget for human resource development. There needs to be a good synergy from the central government, local governments including the labor agencies in the regions must intensify the socialization of employment programs, especially job training programs.

    BLK as the spearhead of the preparation of the workforce must increase networking with the industrial world in preparing training programs so that the graduates produced have sustainability with the job market needed by the company. The network is important, because the industrial world will use BLK graduates.

    Collaboration and networking with the industrial world is also intended to answer the challenges of a dynamic market, where digital technology has eliminated various types of work while presenting new types of jobs that require competence and mastery of skills. Therefore, training programs, instructors and infrastructure facilities at the BLK must be relevant to the world of work.

    "On this occasion, I heard the report of the implementation of BBPLK Bandung that 40 PBK opened 40 packages, and there was 1 class package specifically in cooperation with PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yusha Sales Indonesia with a training program using the Mitsubishi standard, MSTEP-1. "This is one form of synergy with the industry that should be built by each BLK. If synergy with industry can be built by all BLKs with various models of cooperation, it will create a massive preparation of competent workforce that is ready to fill industrial needs," he said. Jo

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