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    West Java Provincial Government and Perum Jasa Tirta Agreed to Develop Water Tourism


    BANDUNG CITY- The West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) understands very well that the province of West Java is the region with the largest hydrological route in Indonesia due to abundant rivers, lakes, reservoirs and irrigation.

    To issue this potential, West Java Provincial Government together with Perum Jasa Tirta (PJT) II agreed to develop the water tourism sector as a superior. That way, the hydrological pathway has added value because it is not only used as a source of raw water and agriculture.

    "What is rarely touched is water tourism. Today this water tourism will be superior," said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil when met at Pakuan Building, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung City, Friday (06/13/19).

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar statement -, if it is developed seriously, the potential of water tourism in West Java can provide economic added value. Moreover, the potential is managed and well organized.

    "The advantage is that it can increase economic added value to Jasa Tirta and can improve the economy of local residents because the majority will certainly be managed by local residents, but more organized," he said.

    One of the locations to be touched is the Jatiluhur Reservoir. This location has natural beauty and is a strategic infrastructure if developed into a tourist area. Even in July the Paddle Board Festival will be held.

    In fact, the Managing Director of Perum Jasa Tirta II U Saefudin Nur stated that other sectors that could be involved in Jatiluhur tourism were local MSME players. "We have a very beautiful location in Jatiluhur, it is indeed a potential state asset that is strategic for tourism," Saefudin said.

    "This includes the development of MSME tourism actors," continued the new man who served as Managing Director of PJT II on March 6, 2019.

    If the development of the water tourism sector is realized, it will provide other benefits such as improving social functions to the function of conservation or environmental management.

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