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    New Student Admission 2019: HR Readiness Becomes the Focus of Bandung SMA 2 High School


    CITY OF BANDUNG - Bandung State High School 2 conducted a simulation of New Student Admission (PPDB) starting from the file preparation flow, determining the distance of domicile (determination of coordinates), to entering data online. The simulation was conducted to find out things that need to be improved.

    Principal of Bandung 2 Public High School Yanyan Supriatna assessed that facilities for checking files and determining the distance of domicile were still lacking. Therefore, it will increase the number of computers to speed up the file verification process.

    "The suggestion of West Java Disdik is a minimum of five for the determination of coordinates. And I will try six to seven to be faster. Because the case that we tried earlier, one person can take 10 to 15 minutes, "he said after the simulation, Thursday (06/13/2019).

    Yanyan said that checking files and determining the distance of domicile is a form of service to parents of students. In addition, it provides information space. Later, parents of students will get direction related to the flow of registration and regulation of PPDB 2019.

    In order for the information to be conveyed to parents of students right, Yanyan ensures Human Resources (HR) or officers in the information room know the ins and outs of PPDB 2019 from regulation to practice in the field in detail.

    "There must be clear, especially when determining the path. Pure zoning pathway or combination zoning pathway. Or want a path of achievement, academic or other achievements. Usually there like confusion. Because it can be of great value, but doubtful, "he said.

    Yanyan also explained that parents of students who had completed the documents and determined the distance of domicile could still consider. Are there other State High Schools that are closer to the domicile.

    "Register actually after entering the data input room. Completeness of files and coordinates must be prepared before entering the room. So, later the parents will get two queue numbers (file checking and registration), "he said.

    Therefore, Yanyan reminded that the queue number which becomes a breakout factor if there is the same weight value is the registration queue number, not the queue number to check the file and the determination of the domicile distance.

    "The queue number that appears after verification of the data and registration receipt appears. This is often a problem for parents when competing. There is a Candy that when the same value is first determined. In the past it was not a queue of services, but a queue for registration, "he said.

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