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    West Java Secretary Checked New Student Admissions Server Readiness


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa reviewed the readiness of the server for New Student Admissions (PPDB) at the West Java Provincial Education Office, Bandung, Thursday (06/13/2019). The review was carried out to ensure the preparation of PPDB.

    According to Iwa Karniwa, server readiness is indeed the focus of West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov). To see the extent of the readiness, the server that will be used in the PPDB is tested by making one million registrations. The results are satisfactory.

    Even so, said Iwa Karniwa, the West Java Provincial Government asked the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) which holds server control to prepare another server as a preventive step if the server is down during PPDB implementation.

    "Regarding the operational system, procedures have also been prepared, including tests for one million registrants. In fact, the total output of graduates from private state junior high schools and MTs is almost 800,000, but we do a test of around one million, "he said.

    In addition to the readiness of the server, Iwa Karniwa also monitored the implementation of PPDB socialization via video conferences with high schools and vocational schools spread across West Java, such as Cianjur, Depok, Purwakarta, and Karawang. According to him, most of the SMA / SMK in West Java have stated their readiness.

    "There are two things that we highlight, the first is how the dissemination of PPDB in accordance with the Pergub and also the Technical Guidelines (technical instructions) is delivered to the right people, namely to parents of students in third grade public and private junior high schools and also public and private MTs," he said .

    "The second is related to infrastructure including personnel. There are three personnel that I ask, namely the IT team because this is very decisive, the second is concerning the filing, and the third is complaints, "he continued.

    Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office Dewi Sartika said that this year's new student admission quota increased. This happened because there were additional new classes in several Public High Schools in West Java.

    "Actually, our initial count is 263,571 (school chairs). After all of our schools are recorded, we identify, it turns out that there are some new and other classrooms, the quota after adding up there is an addition of almost close to 19,000, "he said.

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