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    Precise Considerations for the Key to Pass New Student Admission 2019


    BANDUNG CITY- New Student Admission (PPDB) 2019 is just a matter of days. Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office Dewi Sartika appealed to parents to consider the best selected high school.

    According to Dewi Sartika, the most important thing that parents must consider is the distance of residence to the desired school. Because, he continued, distance is the main key to students' escape, after that the results of the National Examination (UN).

    "If the value is the same, then later it will be seen who registered first, but the problem is not that. "The problem is likely to occur very little," said Dewi Sartika at Bandung State High School 2 on Wednesday (6/12/2019).

    "Most importantly, parents must understand which school is the closest to the residence. Secondly, how much is the value of the child? Only if the value of a good child, may choose a combination path or achievement. That's the most important, "he continued.

    Dewi Sartika also stated that West Java Disdik could not satisfy all parties. Because in this edition of PPDB, only 34 to 40 percent of junior high school graduates in West Java can enter public high schools.

    However, Dewi Sartika asked parents not to worry. He suggested to parents whose students did not qualify to switch to private high school. Moreover, the quality and facilities of private high schools in West Java are not inferior to State High Schools.

    "However PPDB is a system to anticipate because it cannot satisfy all parties. "Of the 774 thousand junior high school graduates, those received in the country are around 34 percent, a maximum of 39 to 40 percent," he said.

    "Hopefully parents can legawa when their children cannot be accepted in the country, can enter private schools. All children can go to school, all can win, "he added.

    Even so, the appeal to parents of students who took the path of the Non-Able Family Economy zoning (KETM) to remain calm when they did not qualify for Public High School. According to Dewi Sartika, his party has coordinated with the Private Universities' Consultative Body (BMPS) to require private high schools to receive KETM students with a percentage of 20 percent.

    "We have cooperated with the Private Universities' Consultative Body, they have an obligation to accept students from KETM. And that's 20 percent. "They must be free in the private sector," he concluded.

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