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    Accident Rates During Homecoming and Returning Flow 2019 in West Java Decrease Significantly


    BANDUNG - The traffic incident in West Java during Ketupat Lodaya 2019 Operation mat decreased 36 percent compared to Ketupat Lodaya Operation last year.

    However, the number of traffic violators actually increased by around 77 percent. If last year there were 3,480 traffic violators, this year there were 6,782.

    Likewise, congestion rates increased by 34.39 percent. In the Lodaya Ketupat Operation last year, the congestion rate was 82 by implementing 136 strategies (contra flow, one way, open flow, and motorcycle canalization) while this year amounted to 282 and applied 547 strategies.

    "The traffic incident during the Ops Ketupat 2019 period from May 29 to June 10, 201 occurred 58 cases of lakalantas. Compared with Ketupat Ops 2018 as many as 90 cases, experienced a decrease of 32 incidents or decreased 36%," explained West Java Police Head of Public Relations Trunoyudo.

    Truno said that the decline in the number of traffic incident in West Java was also influenced by much better infrastructure and optimal performance demonstrated by various parties, especially the TNI and Police.

    In addition, the readiness of travelers in Lebaran this time is far better in terms of physical readiness and vehicles used to do homecoming.

    "The readiness of travelers in preparing for going home and back is better prepared both physically and in vehicles and also supported by better public transportation," he concluded. Jo

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