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    West Java Provincial Government Explored Cooperation in Belgian Cattle Development


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is exploring cooperation with the Belgian government to develop cattle in West Java. Collaboration is carried out to meet the people's beef needs without having to import.

    Belgian or belgium blue cows are known throughout the world for top-quality meat. Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes that Belgian companies invest in breeding cows in West Java with the same meat quality as those in Belgium.

    "What I leave most is the cattle business. Famous Belgian cows throughout the world. Belgium blue is big and the technology we will focus on in the short term, "said the Governor, after receiving the Belgian Ambassador to RI at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Wednesday (6/12/19).

    Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, realizes the ability of new local farmers to supply 30 percent of the community's meat needs. So from that he triggered the One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) program synergized with the development of this Belgian cow.

    "Therefore, we ask that a Belgian company invest, train - and one of them from Pak Uu (West Java Deputy Governor), because Mr. Uu has visited Belgium - is how the One Product Islamic Boarding School program is also a cow business, "Emil said, accompanied by Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    "Because the demand is very high, we will leave it in the short term," he continued.

    Belgian Ambassador H.E. Stephane De Locker welcomed the wishes of the West Java Provincial Government. According to him, livestock is indeed the main issue discussed at his meeting with Governor Emil and Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul.

    In fact, said Stephane, Belgium has developed livestock in Indonesia located in Bogor. "The issue that we discussed was also the development of livestock quality. One of the projects we have invested in is in Bogor, "said Stephane.

    Stephane revealed that during his first honor visit to meet the Governor, he received a lot of explanations regarding the superiority of West Java.

    "It's a joy for me to visit honor to the Governor of West Java for the first time, and visit this beautiful city of Bandung," said Stephane.

    According to Stephane, there are various projects and steps taken by Emil and will make the future of West Java shine. An important point in Stephane's meeting with Emil is the commitment to strengthen long-term cooperative relations between Jabar-Belgium.

    "There are several projects and initiatives that can make the future of West Java shine," he said.

    "And our point in this meeting is that we have a long-term relationship with the governor, a long-term relationship between the regions in Belgium and West Java and Bandung," said Stephane.

    He added, in October 2019 there will be a Belgian business delegation coming to West Java. There are many things that can be cooperated, such as in the infrastructure sector, halal food products, and other industrial sectors.

    "In October there will be an important delegation of Belgian business to West Java," said Stephane.

    "The visit of the Belgian delegation will be for various sectors, such as infrastructure, food production, halal food products, and various other industrial sectors that can be activated both in West Java and Belgium," he continued.

    Rebana & Jabarano Cafe

    IN addition to cattle, Governor Ridwan Kamil also discussed other important things with Ambassador Stephane De Locker. One of them is about Belgium's interest in investing in the Tambourine Triangle Special Economic Zone.

    "Earlier (during the meeting) I offered a Tambourine Triangle and he (Ambassador Stephane) was interested, because it would be a special economic zone, within three or four months its status was being finalized by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs," Emil said.

    "Dozens of locations are ready, hopefully one of them can be invested by a company from Belgium," he hoped.

    In addition, during the meeting Emil also asked Stephane to facilitate the West Java Provincial Government to create a coffee shop specifically in West Java in Belgium.

    "Finally, I asked the Ambassador to help open Jabarano Cafe, West Java coffee diplomacy in Belgium. So, I want to exchange diplomacy like that, "he said.

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