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    Eka Supriatmaja is Definitive Bekasi Regent


    BANDUNG CITY- Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil on behalf of the President of the Republic of Indonesia installed Eka Supriatmaja as Regent of Bekasi Remaining Term of Office 2018-2022. The inauguration took place in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Wednesday (6/12/19).

    This inauguration was based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 131.32-1192 of 2019 concerning Ratification of Appointment of Regent and Dismissal of Deputy Regent of Bekasi, West Java Province on behalf of Eka Supriaatmaja. Stipulated in Jakarta, May 24, 2019.

    Previously Eka served as Deputy Regent of Bekasi accompanying Neneng Hasanah Yasin who was unable to remain. Then in accordance with the applicable provisions Eka was appointed as Acting (Plt.) Of Bekasi Regent.

    In March 2019, Neneng resigned from her position as Regent of Bekasi because he wanted to focus on undergoing the legal process. After obtaining a permanent legal decision or the inclusion of a court on May 29, 2019 then, according to the applicable rules Eka must also be appointed as the definitive Regent of Bekasi.

    In his mandate, Emil - the familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil told Eka, that the inauguration had become the hand line and destiny of Allah SWT. Emil also considered the regent's position as a test not a provision for Eka.

    "This is a test not a fortune. Because not all pass the test, "Emil said.

    "So, I pray for you (Eka Supriatmaja) to survive in the hereafter, khusnul hotimah, and pass the test from Allah in accepting power," his prayer.

    Emil also reminded Eka to be able to carry out this position through three values, namely integrity, serving with the heart, and professional. These three values are a requirement to pass the exam to carry out the mandate of the office of power.

    "Why (job title) exam? Because we have to go through caution and not all pass, "Emil said.

    "The condition is to pass the exam, keep the fortress of integrity. Don't let it happen again (a corruption case), because Bekasi has a lot of projects, there are many industries, there must be a lot of temptations from many third parties, "he ordered.

    Regarding the value of serving with the heart, Emil asked that the issue of public services could be a concern, especially regarding road infrastructure and unemployment that is still high in Bekasi Regency. Even though Bekasi Regency is an area where there are many industrial areas.

    "All three issues of professionalism must be improved. Because later on, the name 4.0 is actually on the 'stage' Bekasi. Because most industries gather there (Bekasi), "he said.

    On this occasion, Emil also reminded that in the election the Deputy Regent put forward consensus deliberations, in accordance with the fourth principle of the Pancasila.

    "The problem of the deputy regent please deliberate, don't fight and we show the fourth principle (Pancasila). The consensus meeting must be a handle in deciding political issues and power, "Emil said.

    Meanwhile, Bekasi Regent Eka Supriatmaja said that his government would focus on issues of basic needs of citizens. Among them are the problems of education, health, infrastructure, including employment and the creative economy.

    "We will focus on several things. The problem of basic needs, namely education, health, was also related to employment. Then for the next creative economy, including infrastructure, "Eka said after the inauguration.

    Regarding education, Eka said that she would cooperate with Pemdaprov West Java so that students for high school / equivalent education could be free. In addition, there will also be efforts to build and repair several school buildings.

    "Education, we plan how we can seek high school / equivalent in the future to coordinate with the provincial government (West Java) for how to make it free," he said.

    Eko is also committed so that public services can be carried out optimally, so that they will be directly monitored. "Service to the community, especially public services, is also a priority, my current focus. "We want everything in the context of service to the community to be maximal and I will go directly to contact it," he admitted.

    Unemployment Becomes Attention

    Governor Ridwan Kamil expressed his sadness that many local residents in Bekasi were unemployed. However, on the other side there are many industrial areas that stand there.

    "I don't want to and I'm sad when I hear that Bekasi residents themselves feel like they are guests. Those who work a lot from other provinces, most local residents are only at the tip level, "Emil said when met on the same occasion.

    For this reason, Emil is committed to prioritizing local residents to work in industries in Bekasi. The condition is that Emil will make a policy so that every industry in Bekasi makes a teaching factory where students are local residents.

    "We make policies prioritizing local residents, that's okay. Secondly, it requires the factory to make a school called teaching factory. But those who are students there are local residents, graduating there, their skills increase, as needed, so they can be distributed, "he said.

    While the Regent of Eka claimed to reduce unemployment in his area, the Bekasi Regency Government will hold various job training. In addition, Eka will implement rules that require the industry to accept as many as 30 percent of the local workforce needs.

    "There is also a regulation in us (Bekasi District Government), that there is an obligation for employers related to the permit as well as later to participate 30 percent can receive local workers. If indeed (local labor) has not been able to, it is hoped that it will be able to be trained so that it is capable, "he said.

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