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    Immediately fill in the position of Deputy Regent of Bekasi


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes that the vacant position of the Deputy Regent of Bekasi will soon be filled, after Eka S. Atmaja was previously appointed as regent. Eka previously served as Deputy Regent of Bekasi, which eventually replaced the previous regent Neneng Yasin.

    Emil, the governor's nickname, said that there were a lot of things to be done to build bekasi so that good synergy was needed between the regent, the deputy regent and also the governor.

    He hoped that the replacement of the deputy regent would run smoothly without any explosions which were counterproductive to the performance of the local government.

    "There should be no explosions in the process of electing a deputy regent, only one meeting," he said advising.

    Emil said that so the election process would run smoothly because there was an expectation that it would cause a hot atmosphere.

    "I just guessed, so I advised. There is no explosion, "he said firmly.

    While the Bekasi Regent Eka S. Atmaja said that he was prepared to carry out the process of selecting the deputy regent well and not cause an explosion in the internal and DPRD Regency of Bekasi. Jo

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