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    West Java Inflation on March of 0.20%


    BANDUNG - The West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) informed when in March 2016, West Java had experienced an inflation of 0.20%.

    Head of Distribution Statistics of West Java BPS stated inflation from January to March 2016 recorded 0.61%.

    "Inflation is the highest in West Java was driven by food group reached 0.83%. Further influenced by food by 0.38% and 0.32% from the clothing group," he said, Friday (1/4).

    Meanwhile, four groups in West Java deflation include a health group of 0.13%, housing and transport of 0.12%, and education groups of 0.9%.

    Furthermore, he said that six of the seven cities of which have inflation and one has deflation.

    "The highest inflation was in Depok of 0.35% and the lowest in the city of Cirebon is 0.05%.” he said.

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