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    During the Eid holiday, Ridwan Kamil Asked Civil Servant to Ride Class


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil led the morning rally at the Gedung Sate yard, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Monday (6/10/19). This is the first ceremony after a joint leave and 2019 Eid holiday.

    After ceremony, the Governor agreed with all the West Sumatra Provincial Government (Pemdapov) civil servants who were present at Gedung Sate. Also present were Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa, Regional Assistants, and other officials.

    The governor discusses the presence of Civil Servant on the first day of work since a long holiday. "The attendance (ASN) was almost all present. There were two people who were sick, nine people were permitted, I think there were no problems, they were well reported," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    According to him, all official affairs and services to the community from the West Java Provincial Government, are now running normally and will run as usual.

    Emil also advised, after Ramadan, Eid and met with parents and relatives, so that all ASNs could "go up to class" in performance and public service. ASN integrity must also level up so that there will be excellent professionalism.

    Emil hopes that West Java's Inner Birth Champion can be realized in a few months that will bring goodness to all citizens. "ASN must serve with heart. Korpri badge is a sign that we are 'servants', not those who have to be 'served'. Glory comes from the success of our duties," he said.

    The governor also had time to confuse the evaluation of the homecoming and returning of Lebaran 2019. According to Emil, the backflow on the toll road was relatively safe. Even though the average congestion occurs in non-toll roads such as the East Priangan region, especially the Tasikmalaya - Garut route.

    "It is indeed unavoidable because it is overcrowded. So the solution is the Cileunyi-Garut-Tasik toll road (Cigatas), we are coordinating with the Central Government. Hopefully it can complete the east stake," he said.

    "But beyond that, we monitor it smoothly, the reverse flow is smooth, generally relatively good. The evaluation is the best homecoming record. The average feeling is smooth," Emil said.

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