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    West Java Inflation in May is Higher than National


    BANDUNG - West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted inflation in May 2019 in Barata Java reached 0.85 percent. This West Java inflation is still above the national level, where the figure is only 0.68 percent.

    Head of West Java BPS, Dodi Herlando, said that all survey cities experienced inflation, even the city of Bekasi was recorded to experience very high inflation, reaching 1.05 percent.

    "In addition to high Bekasi, Bandung and Depok are also quite high. Bandung inflation is 0.84 percent and Depok is 0.89 percent," he said at the BPS office in Surapati Street, Bandung, Monday (10/6).

    Thus, according to BPS, cumulative inflation from January to May 2019 was recorded at 1.66 percent. The figure is still lower than in 2017 and 2018.

    He said inflation in West Java was high because of an increase in three commodity groups. Especially in the transportation and communication sector which experienced inflation of 0.253 percent. Though the flow back and forth has not begun. According to Dodi, the possibility of an increase has been detected long ago because transportation operators have already begun selling tickets in advance.

    "Right, airplane tickets go up high, then there is an increase in train tickets, as well as land transportation. West Java is a lot of land transportation, this is what triggers inflation," he explained.

    High inflation as in other regions is the increase in food prices. Foodstuff inflation accounts for 0.369 of total inflation in West Java. While clothing contributed 0.034 percent.

    Furthermore, according to Dodi, special attention is needed to put a brake on inflation. The moment of inflation that is likely to occur, in addition to the already-passing Lebarn, is a long holiday for school children, the new school year and the Christmas and New Year holidays 2020. Jo

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