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    Enthusiasm of the Community Towards The Train is Quite High


    BANDUNG (8/6/2019) - Until H + 1 after Lebaran, Friday (07/06) PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Regional Operation 2 Bandung has transported 805,615 passengers consisting of 210,379 long-distance train passengers (Executive, Business , and Economy) and 595,236 Local Railway passengers. This number increased 9% compared to the same period in 2018 as many as 738,504 passengers. This was stated by Daop 2 Public Relations Manager, Noxy Citrea.

    Noxy revealed that for the pre-Lebaran period the highest number of passengers occurred on D-10, Sunday (05/26). On that day there were 69,144 passengers. For the second day of Lebaran (H2), Thursday (06/06), the number of passengers is even higher, reaching 84,302 passengers.

    As for the reverse flow period, it is predicted that it will occur on H + 3 or Sunday (06/06). According to Noxy, based on the data, there was a tendency to increase passengers down at Bandung Station and Kiaracondong Station. At H + 1, there were 11,232 passengers of the Main Train which descended on the Bandung Station which increased compared to the previous day as many as 10,047 passengers. This happened also at Kiaracondong Station, which on that day reached 4,581 passengers, which had previously only 3,324 passengers.

    To anticipate the high volume of passengers during the backflow, Noxy said that it had added officers both from internal and external. So far, Daop 2 has carried out 5 additional trains consisting of the Additional Pasundan Train, the Additional Kutojaya Train, the Lodaya Pagi Additional Train, the Additional Lodaya Night Train, and the Ciremai 2 Train. In addition, during this trip, Daop 2 extended the promo period. Rp 1,000 for the Pangandaran Bandung-Banjar PP railroad train and KA Galunggung the Kiaracondong - Tasikmalaya PP relation. This is certainly very welcomed by the people who have been increasingly enthusiastic about using the train. In the last few days, the two trains have always reached 100%. (Even)

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