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    Minister Yuddy Push the World Class Innovation


    BANDUNG-Government hopes that more and more public service innovative gained international recognition following two innovations that have won awards from the United Nations (UN) in 2015 ago. The international recognition, prove increasing trust of the world. It can be a driver of capital inflows to Indonesia, which in turn improves the welfare of the community.

    Thus confirmed the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Yuddy Chrisnandi in the opening of Symposium and National Public Service Innovation 2016 in Surabaya on Thursday (31/03/16), as well as a release received jabarprov.go.id, Jum'ay (1/4/16).

    Furthermore Yuddy said, to make it happen, he invited the heads of government agencies at both central and local, to keep up with the good momentum and a conducive environment to encourage the creation of sustainable innovation.

    In addition to levels of government are required to take advantage of information and communication technologies to the optimum in order to expand the network of cooperation and sharing knowledge and experience among agencies in transmitting the best practices.

    Professor of Social and Political Science of the National University in Jakarta also said the need to strengthen the integrity of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) and improve performance accountability of government agencies, to strengthen public confidence in government. “Let’s implement Mental Revolutionary Movement to change the work culture and mindset of ASN," he added.

    Yuddy also said quality public services is one of the areas of change in the Grand Design Reforms. The genesis of Law No. 25 of 2009 on Public Service also aims to build community trust (including investors) to the state through quality public services.

    In addition to the Act that mandates by the PANRB Ministry to perform the functions of national policy formulation, facilitation of inter-agency conflicts, monitoring and evaluation, preparation of ratings and awards in the field of public service.

    In line with the mandate, in the last three years has been launched the movement of "One Agency, One Innovation" which means that each ministry/agency and local governments are required to create at least one public service innovations every year. "To encourage the emergence of innovation, since 2014 Innovation Competition organised PANRB Ministry of Public Service,” said the Minister.

    In 2014 there were 515 innovations were competitively and generate the top 99 and top 9. In 2015, the number increased to 1,189 innovation, and generating the top 99 and top 25.

    In 2016, the number of participants increased to 2,476 innovation. PANRB through Ministerial Decree No. 51/2016, the Ministry PANRB set a top 99 public service innovation. "Currently being evaluated to get a top 35," said Yuddy.

    According to Yuddy, the implementation of this competition is very relevant in an era of openness and global competition. As part of the global community, we can not be closed to the dynamics of change are coming so fast. The life cycle of a product is becoming increasingly short runs with the level of community needs and satisfaction.

    Innovation is not only needed in the private sector, but also in the public sector. Report of the Global Innovation Index 2015 shows that the bright ideas, speed and ability to adapt is an important factor in determining the success of an innovation.

    Today the public service innovation competition not only national, but also international. Alhamdulillah in 2015 there were two finalists from Indonesia were successfully awarded the world stage in the race the United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA).

    The second innovation are healer and midwife development partnership to reduce Child and Maternal Mortality, Aceh Singkil district; Integrated Services and Poverty Alleviation Unit, Model Answers Problems of Poverty, Sragen.

    On that occasion, Minister Yuddy congratulated the top 99. Moreover, Yuddy hopes that top 99 could follow the lead of both innovator who has received international recognition. "Thus, the international community will be more to trust us,” he said.

    There are few innovations from top 99 that nice and could be replicated and expanded reference, among other SKCK mobile services program, Aceh police. These initiatives are implemented creatively can help people get the convenience and got good service through SKCK Service Program. Public response was excellent with their new strategy to improve public services and can improve performance for members of the police themselves.

    Yuddy added, the more interesting innovation is Under Water restocking developed by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources of East Java province is also worth replicated. This innovation is the first and only carried out by government agencies in Indonesia by building houses a fish in the bottom waters and sow the seeds of the fish into the fish house. These activities involve various parties of fishermen, community leaders, NGOs, divers, local government and other stakeholders.

    This innovation can help the enrichment of fish resources in the territorial sea to increase the population, provision of fish stocks and the conservation of fish resources in the territorial sea. Thus in turn can increase the productivity of fisheries and contribute to the community's economy, especially in the territorial waters in East Java. These innovations also have an impact on the sustainability of fish resources and the environment/ecosystem in the territorial sea as well as increase the income of fishermen.

    The next innovation is also considered worthy replicated is the Panic Button on hand, which was developed by the Police Malang. This innovation originated from the booming Android Mobile communication technology. The Malang Police’s product officially put into operation on October 16, 2015. The applications of Panic Button on Hand program as a means of receiving calls of people who need assistance from Malang Police on line, that downloaded for free in the play store respectively.

    Four people can take advantage of this Panic Button facilities, namely (1) Acceptance of the public reports, (2) Feedback, (3) community service, and (4) public information media.

    With a very low cost and even free, this innovation seeks to provide ease of the community to get the police service when they need especially in emergency situations.

    Another innovation should be appreciated is the Installation of Emergency Modern (Instagram), dr.Iskak Hospital Tulungagung. Instagram is an emergency service system that priorities speed, accuracy and security by using the response zone. Sorting emergency patients in the triage done since the primary. Patients with emergency conditions incorporated into the critical zone with a response time of 0 minutes. Instagram's development began in 2013.

    Instagram development programs through Tulungagung pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services (TEMS). "In 2015, Instagram and TEMS operated integrally,” added yuddy.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Public Service Ministry PANRB Mirawati Sudjono revealed until the process of obtaining the top 35 Public Service Innovation. Starting from the submission of a proposal by innovators through the information system of public service innovation (siNovik). Proposal incoming assessed by a team of evaluators consisting of academics some of the best universities in Indonesia so that the resulting TOP 99.

    The top 99 who have been selected, are required to explain the innovation and interviewed in the presence of the Independent Panel Team. "In the final phase will be conducted mystery shopping to determine the top 35," he said.

    Explained that the symposium and degree of the National Public Service Innovation 2016 aims to promote innovative public services from all providers of public services unit in every Ministry, the Institute, the Provincial, district, town, and state/local enterprises.

    Then to perform simulations and sharing experiences of public service innovation. As for the third goal is to encourage dissemination of innovation throughout the public service and state agencies / enterprises to be a big change in the bureaucracy in the country become clean, serving, effective and efficient.

    The top 99 were selected to present their innovations in the symposium, in addition to simulation and explain its innovation in degree of innovation.

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