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    Homecoming and Congestion in the eyes of ITB Experts


    BANDUNG - Deputy Chancellor for General Administration, Alumni, and Institute of Communication Technology Bandung, Dr. Miming Miharja who is also an expert in the field of regional and urban infrastructure systems said the homecoming culture has become a habit of the nation so that it is very natural to be facilitated. If there is a traffic jam, it is still normal.

    Basically, traffic is a matter of supply and demand. In simple terms, the two terms can be analogous to the road volume / capacity and the number of vehicles / road users. In accordance with what has been explained above, congestion will decrease if road capacity is increased or the growth of road users is reduced or detained.

    "For now, the problem is in the use of private vehicles, not only when I want Lebaran, in ordinary days, congestion is something that happens very often," he said as broadcast by Public Relations ITB, Monday (3/6).

    He believes that the existence of economic growth and a declining level of poverty in Indonesia certainly makes more people able to buy private vehicles.

    "This is why, there is another second cause, we know that there are a lot of government efforts to increase roads to increase vehicle traffic capacity, but that is not enough, there must be infrastructure improvements for public vehicles also prioritized," continued Miming.

    So that people can switch to using public transportation when going home and for daily activities. These improvements include determining the rates, comfort, passenger capacity, and speed / travel time of the trip.

    Questioning infrastructure improvements, especially the construction of toll roads and non-toll roads, must also be carefully designed. The existence of road facilities that are increasingly easy and comfortable can certainly be utilized by the automotive industry to make it a new allure for prospective buyers.

    "Because in the transportation system, according to the theory of transportation, there is a relationship between improving road capacity and increasing demand / road users. Therefore, the government must be able to create policies that show seriousness in revitalizing public vehicles," he said.

    In the same period, according to Miming, the government must also be able to continue implementing disincentives for private vehicle users. "Disincentives can be of various kinds, starting from parking policy, parking rates, toll rates, and so on," he added. In this way, he believes that in the future people will prefer to use public transportation, which means public transportation facilities must also be ready before the disincentive policy is implemented.

    He said, it should be remembered also that congestion is a derivative problem. That is, congestion is a problem that arises because things are more fundamental, for example uneven economic distribution, centralized infrastructure development, and so on. Therefore, for a more strategic policy, the problem of congestion must be resolved from the root causes.

    "Transportation management also has limits, we can engineer the transportation system effectively when the volume to capacity ratio (VCR) is less than one," Miming said.

    That is, system engineering, such as the use of one-way lanes, road closures, etc., can only be done when the comparison between road users to capacity is at a value less than one. If it is above the number one, another approach must be used to overcome the traffic problem.

    Miming is optimistic that the government has made every effort to overcome this traffic problem. It must be remembered, a country's traffic jam is one of the rating indices for investors to invest in the country. So, congestion problems must be resolved as soon as possible.

    "Even if the traffic jam still exists, I am sure the government has not yet fully succeeded. Indonesia is a country with a complex transportation system, seeing that the government has made a lot of efforts to revitalize transportation infrastructure. I am sure that the future will be better. the right policies related to this issue, "he explained. Jo

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