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    Extending Contraflow Cikampek Toll Road Expresses Congestion


    BANDUNG - Jakarta Cikampek Toll Road towards Cikampek, Jasa Marga changed the area of contraflow implementation which was originally at Km 29 km 61, from 13.15 WIB extended from Km 35 to Km 69. This was done to further facilitate vehicles going back and forth.

    Jasa Marga's Corporate Communications Department Head, Irra Susiyanti, explained that the company also gradually added the contraflow lane capacity, which was one lane to two lanes.

    "Starting from Km 60 to Km 69 which is directly integrated with the one way line and will be continued until the starting point of the contra flow at Km 35," said Irra in his official statement.

    According to him, this is done because the reverse direction lane (the direction of Jakarta) is relatively empty so that the addition of the Cikampek lane is possible to dilute the density of the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road towards Cikampek especially ahead of the Km 33, Km 39, Km 50 and Km 57 rest points.

    As for engineering contraflow and one way traffic on police discretion is very situational depending on traffic conditions.

    Jasa Marga calls on road users who travel long distances to be able to anticipate earlier to take the contraflow lane. Whereas for road users with a short travel distance, keep using the normal lane.

    "Keep careful driving, pay attention to the signs and directions of officers in the field. Ensure the adequacy of the balance of electronic money and fuel before entering the toll road so that the trip is more comfortable," he explained. Jo

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