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    Kang Emil Appealed People to Spend Enough on Needs


    SUMEDANG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil urged the public to spend enough on Lebaran needs. This was revealed by Ridwan Kamil at the Parakan Muncang Market in Sumedang Regency on Saturday (02/06/2019), while monitoring Lebaran homecoming.

    "I appeal to the public when they just need to spend their Lebaran needs, don't overdo it and don't be afraid, because food stocks are safe," he said

    The price of basic needs of the people who are monitored by the Governor of West Java in the Parakan Muncang market is quite stable. Indeed, there are some needs such as chicken and chili which have increased but are still within normal limits.

    "I monitored this before, the price of demand was quite stable, except that the chicken and chili had increased but were still within normal limits," he explained.

    Atalia Kamil who followed her husband seemed to shop for some needs such as vegetable pumpkin, dried dumplings and others.

    In addition to monitoring traditional markets, the Governor also monitored the situation of traffic in Cileunyi and the terminal atmosphere of Cicaheum. (Even)

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