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    KAI Added Frequency of Ciremai Train


    BANDUNG - In order to meet the high public demand for railroad transportation services, especially during the Lebaran transportation, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) increased the frequency of Ciremai train trips (Bandung - Semarang Tawang pp) starting June 1, 2019, namely KA 12988 (Bandung - Semarang Tawang) and KA 12899 (Semarang Tawang - Bandung)

    EVP Daop 2 Bandung, Saridal said, with this addition, the total journey of the Ciremai train to 4 trains per day from the previous 2 trains per day namely the 97 and 98 trains and the Ciremai train will depart from Bandung and Semarang Tawang stations in the morning and evening each day.

    "Each Ciremai 2 train series will carry 4 Executive Trains and 4 Business Trains with a total seating provided by Ciremai 2 Train with 456 seats and the average occupancy of the Ciremai Train reaches 112%," Saridal said, at the launch of Ciremai 2 Train in Bandung Station, Saturday (01/06).

    According to Sarida, enthusiasts for the route from Bandung to Cirebon, Semarang, or vice versa are quite high so it is necessary to add a schedule and tickets for Ciremai 2 trains can be ordered from May 24 in the KAI Access application, KAI website, and all KAI sales channels.

    "The rates for Ciremai 2 trains are the same as the existing Ciremai trains with a Lower Limit Rate (TBB) and a predetermined Upper Limit Rate (TBA)," he said.

    Saridal hopes that the addition of the Ciremai train schedule will make it easier for people who want to travel by train.

    "With the existence of Ciremai 2 Train, hopefully more people can be served by KAI, and be able to go home by train," he concluded. (Parno)

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