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    Commemorating the Birthday of Pancasila, Maintaining Indonesian Unity


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil highlighted Indonesia's unity in the memorial moment of the Pancasila Birthday in 2019. According to him, there were various problems of the nation which eroded the values of unity.

    Therefore, Emil - Ridwan Kamil - advised all elements of the nation to safeguard and care for the values of Pancasila as the basis of the nation, ideology, and worldview of the nation which was discovered by the founders of the nation.

    "We see that our Indonesianness has a lot of pressure by differences. In fact, since ancient times that difference has given birth to Indonesianness," he said when he was the supervisor of the commemoration of Pancasila on the Gedung Sate page, Bandung, Saturday (1/6/2019).

    "Differences in origins, traditions, languages, and so on. Only can be united with the Pancasila agreement. So, if the Pancasila values falter, then there is no Indonesia. The term is simple: We are Indonesia-Kita Pancasila," he continued.

    Emil analogues the Pancasila as home. Houses must be maintained and cared for, so that residents feel comfortable. Even so with Pancasila as an inclusive frame that protects various differences.

    "My message is not to see Pancasila as something that takes it for granted or an automatic one. Pancasila is an expensive price, an ideology that must be maintained if the Indonesian people want to be like this forever," he said.

    In the frame of Pancasila, difference is diversity that enriches Indonesianness. Therefore, differences should be addressed with mutual respect and respect.

    "Hopefully the differences in choice affairs, religious affairs, will not appear again in the future, and will be resolved by the principles of the Pancasila," he said.

    On the same occasion, Emil read out the message of the Acting. Head of the Republic of Indonesia Pancasila Ideology Development Agency, Hariyono. In his message, Hariyono stated that Pancasila was a gift from God Almighty for the Indonesian people.

    Even so with diversity, ranging from geographical conditions, flora, fauna to the anthropological and sociological aspects of society. According to Hariyono, this diversity can be woven by practicing the values of Pancasila.

    "Pancasila must be planted in a pure heart and practiced in daily life," Hariyono ordered Emil to read.

    Therefore, according to President Joko Widodo's message, commemorating and celebrating the Birth of Pancasila on June 1 is a necessity. The commemoration was carried out as an effort to reflect on the moment of success of the nation's founders in exploring the fundamental values of the Indonesian people.

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