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    Ahead of Lebaran, The Price of Community Basic Need is Stable


    SUMEDANG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil monitored the prices of community basic needs (kepokmas) at Parakanmuncang Market, Cimanggung, Sumedang Regency, Saturday (1/6/19).

    The governor who came with his wife Atalia Praratya stated that the price of the police in the market ahead of Eid al-Fitr 1440 H was relatively stable. There is only a slight increase in prices for some commodities but it is still considered reasonable.

    "I see shopping moms smiling meaning it's still safe," Emil said, calling the Governor.

    The commodities that he thinks need to be monitored are chicken meat. The price tends to rise estimated until the Eid day. Emil will immediately coordinate with chicken meat suppliers in the East Priangan region such as Tasikmalaya, Ciamis and Banjar to ensure prices do not rise too much.

    The increase in the price of chicken meat itself reached 15 percent. The price of chicken race is sold at IDR 36,000 - 38,000 per kilogram. A price increase of Rp1,000 - 2,000 per day, from the normal price of around Rp.34,000.

    "While beef is still under control, the supply is safe, unless there are rising cape peppers. Then we find a solution so that it is still within the limits of reasonableness," said the Governor.

    The governor also appealed to residents to spend as much as possible, not excessive, so that there would be no surge in demand which resulted in an increase in inflation. "We just spend enough," Emil said.

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