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    Technology Becomes the Challenge of Pancasila


    BANDUNG CITY - Practicing Pancasila in this era of globalization must be adapted to the conditions of the times. One of the challenges in implementing Pancasila is the massive flow of information through technology.

    This was expressed by the Regional Secretary of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa when he became a guest speaker at the National Talkshow in order to welcome the Pancasila Birth Day, at the TVRI West Java studio Cibaduyut Raya Street No 269, Bandung, Friday (05/31/19).

    According to Iwa, Indonesian people are used to living side by side in harmony in harmony. But external information input brought by technology causes changes in society, such as culture, lifestyle and ideology.

    "Now the problem is not a problem in the nation itself, but the problem is that external inputs are massive through various technologies," concluded Iwa.

    "Be it cultural literacy, fashion, way of life or lifestyle, etc., including ideology, such as radicalism, liberalism that still emerges. And this is very easy to spread in the era of digital technology now, "he continued.

    In the same place, political observer from Ahmad Yani University Cimahi Arlan Siddha considered that as a miniature of Indonesia, West Java succeeded in maintaining conducivity.

    "How to harmonize national life is what shows the values of Pancasila can already be embodied in West Java. But the strengthening of Pancasila values must continue to be encouraged, one of which is the use of wise technology, "said Arlan.

    Historical expert from the Indonesian Education University Erlina Wiyanarti believes that Pancasila must be maintained in any era, including in the era of technological advancements like today. For him, the universal and open nature of Pancasila makes it acceptable to humans in any era, so there is no reason to suppress the implementation of the Pancasila.

    "Pancasila in any era must be maintained. In terms of history, maybe others can back down, out of time. But the Pancasila is not, Indonesian is not, "said Erlina.

    "So, whether we master technology or technology that controls us, the Pancasila is there. Every principle is very universal, very open, very able to accommodate humans of any age, "he said.

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