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    Socialisation PON in Subang


    SUBANG-Venue readiness for the National Sports Week (PON) XIX is generally ready for use in time. According to the Broadcasting Service Coordinator Media Board of PON XIX, Budi Hermawan, it is ready to hold for the construction of PON XIX venues that show the expected progress.

    "We are ready to organise the legend event, since all the preparations have been completed and the progress are positive,” he said on the sidelines of socialisation PON XIX in the Subang Square, Thursday (31/03/2016).

    Furthermore, Budi said during the monitoring, the venues are still prepared and needs improvement, but generally is in the process of finishing. “It needs improvement that generally in the finalisation or finishing,” he added.

    He was optimistic the venues will be used on time. Because there was time in five months away. It targets in July 2016 was completed.

    "Insha 'Allah. It should be completed soon,” he said.

    On the occasion, Budi submitted the surili mascot dolls of PON XIX (a type of native monkey typical of Tatar Sunda) to the Regent and Vice Regent of Subang as a sign of socialisation PON XIX, 2016.

    In the leaflet listed number of sports that competed as many as 57 sports and 10 sports exhibitions with 754 numbers game. Athletes were down as much as 8,711 people, 4,355 official, referee 2,649, 194 board of judges, 63 technical delegation and 1,224 liaison officer. Involving 2,556 organising committee, 2,452 field officers, 68 locations venues in 15 cities/districts and compete for 2,472 medals.

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