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    Safety and Security Homecomers are Priority for West Java Provincial Government


    PURWAKARTA - West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) guarantees the safety and safety of the homecoming and returning flows this year. A number of anticipations have been implemented, both on toll roads and non-toll roads, ranging from regulations to security teams in the field.

    According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, the issue of going home became the attention of the West Java Provincial Government. Because, said Emil, Ridwan Kamil was called, West Java became a trajectory of traffic movements and homecoming on Java.

    "West Java is the largest province affected by national mudik. Become a trajectory towards Central Java, East Java, and towards Sumatra, "he said when reviewing the Integrated Post of Cikopo with the Indonesian Minister of Transportation, Indonesian Minister of Health, TNI Commander and National Police Chief on Friday (05/31/2019).

    Emil also explained a number of steps that have been taken by West Java Government and the Central Government to improve the quality of safeguards going back and forth in this edition. One of them is a one way policy issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

    The policy, said Emil, made it easier for the security forces to unravel the vehicle at one point. Just how the security determines the one way points and contra flow, as well as the time of application.

    "One way is very helpful, plus Trans Java Utara is finished. This year's homecoming should be safe, even though there are additional percentages of airplane passengers who move ashore. Management and discretion will later be in the police and police to determine the one way point, contra flow point, "he said.

    The attention of the West Java Provincial Government is also focused on non-toll roads. Because, said Emil, in the lane the accident rate is quite large, especially travelers who use two-wheeled vehicles. Therefore, he appealed to travelers who traveled more than 100 kilometers not to use two-wheeled vehicles.

    Not only that, in order to reduce the volume of vehicles, the West Java Provincial Government initiated a free trip by providing 354 buses which are planned to be departed simultaneously on Saturday 1 June 2019 tomorrow, as well as a series of trains.

    "We provide about 354 buses, tomorrow departing from 4 areas from the city of Bandung from the City of Bekasi, Sukabumi, and Bogor, for free homecoming to Central Java. And one series of trains to Surabaya in East Java, "Emil said.

    "The next anticipation is in non-toll lanes which have many markets. We have coordinated with the Regional Head, one of which compensates, for example pedicabs or delmans that slow down the flow of traffic, we leave. But, it is paid per day according to the standard requirements in the area, "he continued.

    In addition, Emil said that the West Java Provincial Government had a challenge after the Eid prayer, namely a surge in the volume of vehicles to tourist attractions. To anticipate this, the West Java Provincial Government coordinated with the West Java Regional Police Chief and the Regional Head.

    "For the flow of traffic jams because the tour is handled well. And this one-way backflow management, contra flow, is also done by different methods, "he said.

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