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    West Java Governor's Appeal for Travelers


    PURWAKARTA - A number of appeals were made by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil to travelers before and while traveling. One of them is ensuring good physical condition and vehicles that will be used in good condition.

    Emil - Ridwan Kamil was called - also asked the transportation company to check the condition of the vehicle, especially the bus. This must be done as a preventive measure to improve security and safety during the 2019 homecoming season.

    "I entrusted the bus owner to make sure the vehicle was excellent. The driver also does not become a potential accident must be healthy free of drugs, please check and so forth, "he said while reviewing the Integrated Post of Cikopo with the Indonesian Minister of Transportation, Indonesian Minister of Health, TNI Commander and National Police Chief on Friday (05/31/2019).

    Emil's attention is directed to travelers who use two-wheeled vehicles. According to him, there are a number of things that travelers must do with two-wheeled vehicles in addition to maintaining the physical condition and the vehicle, which is calculated by default.

    "The biggest number of accidents in motorbike mudik records is therefore avoiding as much as possible the things that have the potential to crash from the physical condition to the vehicle," he said.

    "Transporting goods is excessive, there are many passengers, often dangerous. Hopefully the appeal will be followed by travelers who use motorcycles, "he continued.

    In addition, Emil also appealed to travelers to ensure a safe house. First, make sure there is no electric current in electronic equipment. And, lock the house before leaving it or leave the house to the local security officer.

    "Report to residents who don't go home. We have already been told by the TNI Commander for Babinsa patrol. Do not let any crime occur during Eid al-Fitr, "concluded Emil.

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