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    Free Homecoming Participants Together with NDHI is Booming


    BANDUNG - As many as five state-owned enterprises (BUMN) members of the National Defense and Hightech Industry (NDHI) cluster incorporated in the Mining, Strategic Industry and Media (PISM) Business Ministry Ministry departed 1,835 people in NDHI's Free Mudik Activity. This amount exceeds the quota set by the Ministry of BUMN.

    Free homecoming with NDHI exceeds the prescribed quota, the enthusiasm is truly extraordinary. We are watching with three points of departure to accommodate travelers who are domiciled in the area of ??the fifth SOE head office, said Director General and HR of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) Sukatwikanto, Representative of the NDHI Executive Committee, at the Head Office of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) during the departure of travelers Bandung flight group, Friday (05/31).

    The activities held by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), PT Pindad (Persero), PT Dahana (Persero), PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero), and PT Len Industri (Persero) dispatched travelers through three departure points. Namely, Subang on May 29, 2019, Jakarta on May 30, 2019, and Bandung on May 31, 2019, with total departures for 19 majors.

    The departure procession for the Bandung flight group was conducted on Friday, May 31, 2019, by the Mayor of Bandung Oded Muhammad Danial, Director General and HR of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) Sukatwikanto, Technology Director of PT Pindad (Persero) Ade Bagja, Director of Technology and Development of PT Dahana ( Persero) Wildan Widarman, Business Director of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Teguh Adi Suryandono, and Operations Director 2 PT Len Industri (Persero) Adi Sufiadi Yusuf.

    Then, at the departure of the Jakarta flight group which was held at the Bung Karno Stadium, Thursday, May 30, 2019, it was released directly by BUMN Minister Rini Soemarno with Directors from 104 BUMNs. Finally, the departure of the Subang flight group was held at the Head Office of PT Dahana (Persero), on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, by the Director of PT Dahana (Persero) Budi Antono.
    The activities which are part of the Free Mudik Bersama BUMN 2019 are divided into a number of departments, namely:

    Bandung-Yogyakarta-Solo (3 buses)
    Bandung-Yogyakarta (5 buses)
    Bandung-Lampung (5 buses)
    Bandung-Pekalongan-Semarang (1 bus)
    Bandung-Semarang-Solo (2 buses)
    Bandung-Semarang (2 buses)
    Bandung-Solo (4 buses)
    Bandung-Purwokerto (1 bus)
    Bandung-Tegal (1 bus)
    Bandung-Banjar-Pangandaran (1 bus)
    Bandung-Cilacap (1 bus)
    Subang-Solo (1 bus)
    Subang-Pekalongan (1 bus)
    Subang-Semarang (1 bus)
    Subang-Tegal (1 bus)
    Jakarta-Yogyakarta (2)
    Jakarta-Purwokerto (1)
    Jakarta-Semarang (2)
    Jakarta-Cilacap (1)

    The Free Homecoming Participants with NDHI departed using a tourism bus and got a number of facilities in the form of merchandise, snacks, heavy meals, and life insurance. This free homecoming with NDHI is a proof of our concern in the closest area of the company, he said. Jo

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