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    Jasa Raharja Ensured the Costs of Traffic Accident Victims


    BANDUNG - PT Jasa Raharja West Java Branch once again reminded the community if they needed treatment at the hospital due to an accident so they would not pay the medical expenses at the outset.

    According to Head of Jasa Raharja West Java Branch, Ery Martajaya, Jasa Raharja has collaborated with more than 200 hospitals in West Java in handling victims of traffic accidents.

    "The principle of all that is related to hospital admission is that the victims will not pay the funds early, in connection with the hospital's direct bills to Jasa Raharja," he said.

    The important thing is that according to Ery, the victim must report the incident to the police to make a Minutes of Investigation (BAP) because the report will be the basis for the hospital to handle the costs borne by Jasa Raharja.

    "After the victim reports to the police and is made by the BAP, we will work while the victims are just waiting," said Ery, in the Office of West Java Jasa Raharja, Wednesday (29/05).

    Ery ensured that in the future there would be no more hospitals to carry out medical bills from the beginning to the families of patients or victims of traffic accidents.

    "If it is said that at this time it is far better than it was in the beginning, maybe 1-2 yes there are still requests for payment seepage, but actually the hospital directly bills here," he said.

    Based on data, compensation that has been given, PT Jasa Raharja West Java Branch during January-April 2019 to accident victims reached Rp92.8 billion to finance the victims of accidents totaling 3,439 people. (Parno)

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