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    Parliament Member Invites Community to Succeed Economic Census 2016


    BANDUNG-Member Commission XI of House of Representative Junaidi Auly invited the entire community to succeed the economic census (SE) in 2016.

    “Therefore, business today is more competitive, so that the database is important to map the economy potential distribution. Moreover it can be a reference to the economy policy in the future,” Said Junaidi in a press release received jabarprov.go.id on Friday (1/4).

    Junaidi reminded that the state budget disbursed to this census is majority come from the community.

    “Meanwhile, we also need the accuracy data. In order to collect accuracy data, the community as census respondent should give the correct data,” he said.

    On the other side, Junaidi reminded the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) as the implementing authority of the census agency, can be optimised to perform data accuracy.

    "Therefore, it will be associated with the policy taken by the government, which was needed by the business community," he said.

    With the optimisation of data collection conducted by BPS, it can strengthen the role of BPS in the revision of Law No. 16 of 1997 on Statistics.

    “That act in some articles talking about BPS position, but BPS itself has not been affirmed as the state institution that has the authority of the data collection," said PKS Faction members of this Parliament.

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