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    West Java Election Supervisory Agency Still Finds Political Practical of Civi Servant


    BANDUNG - The Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) of West Java Province has found around 16 cases of involvement of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in practical politics in the 2019 Legislative and Presidential Election.

    Chairman of the West Java Bawaslu, Abdullah Dahlan explained that in building the quality of elections with integrity requires the role of all parties how the election contestants must be consistently committed to building a fair stream of constituency.

    In addition, election stakeholders also do not take a role in favor of either party. For example, the involvement of the ASN is now being handled by Bawaslu such as mobilizing, showing an attitude or act of partiality.

    "We have taken action on the case and it has been forwarded to the ASN Commission," he told reporters in Bandung on Wednesday (05/29/2019)

    Although in the midst of the political heat that had occurred, the West Java Bawaslu assessed that the first election held simultaneously was still democratic. This was proven, with the increasing number of Election participation in Pileg and Pulpres compared to the Regional Election.

    "The parameter is that the voter participation rate increased from 73% in the regional election to 79% in the 2019 legislative election and presidential election. This is one of the positive achievements of the West Java Bawaslu," he explained.

    Abdullah admitted that so far his party had not found a serious problem. For example, election participants when recapitulation or average vote count receives the election results.

    "The public is aware that the election process is relatively guarded," he said

    In addition, Abdullah also considered the foundation of democracy to run quite well so that it became the basic capital to build a better quality of democracy.

    Nevertheless, a democratic evaluation record is needed for the technical implementation of the simultaneous elections. Jo

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