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    Telkom Guaranteed No Disruption During the Eid Season


    BANDUNG - PT. Telkom guarantees to its customers that there will be no disruption during the 2019 season. Halnutu disclosed the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Telkom Regional III West Java, Edwin Aristiawan in Bandung, Sunday (05/36/2019.

    "Even if there are disturbances due to natural factors, we have alerted a special team to fix it quickly," he said.

    There are three main programs from Telkom during the 2019 Eid season. The three programs are to maintain services to remain excellent for Telkom Group customers.

    "Three of Telkom's services are excellent Telkom services, special service services and telkom sharing services," he explained.

    The prime telecommunication service is to ensure that telecom services are not disrupted by either fixed phones, internet services and mobile phones. While the telkom service package is offering special packages such as special rates and others.

    "Then the last is a sharing service, where we share happiness with those who are less fortunate, such as ksum duafa and children of the priest," he explained.

    Edwin Arustiawan also emphasized that as a state-owned telecommunications company or BUMN, Telkom is also obliged to maintain the image of the government. (Even)

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