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    West Java Will Succeed National Saving Movement "Simpel"


    JAKARTA - The central government through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has launched a program student’s saving (Simple), as part of the National Saving Movement. To support this program, President Jokowi has launched a similar program with Syariah Bank (iB) on June 14, 2015.

    In line with this policy, the Government of West Java Province will support and disseminate it massively the Simpel Program through involvement of the banking sector in West Java.

    “West Java will certainly succeed this program," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in the Socialization of the National Saving Movement Campaign at Radius Prawiro Tower Floor. 25th, MH Thamrin Street No. 2 Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/21/2015).

    "We're going to consolidate with all banking in West Java. All banks will be involved, not only BJB to introduce this program to all students in West Java," added Aher.

    According to Aher, Simpel program is a good inspiration for independency of national economy.

    OJK hopes with the participation of all parties can socialise this program well and quickly. In addition, OJK also asked the banking sector in each region can be responsive to follow-up of this program. OJK chairman Muliaman D. Hadad said that saving can provide such a great participation to boost the national economy.

    "The ratio of savings in Indonesia is lowest in ASEAN. Through the high level of savings, the state does not need to get loan from other country," Hadad said in his speech.

    Through this condition, OJK is intensively disseminate the National Savings Movement  through this Simpel Program by involving all schools and also will be launched on Wednesday the second week of each month as Day Savings.

    Simpel and Simpel iB are savings for students published nationally by banks in Indonesia with the easy and simple requirements, and also interesting features. This program aimed as education and financial inclusion to promote the culture of saving early.

    There are two features of Simpel products, they are Simple issued by Conventional Bank and Simple iB by the Syariah Bank. The initial deposit to open an account is only Rp 5,000,- with the next minimum deposit is Rp 1,000,-.

    The number of banks participating in the Simpel program until October 19th, 2015 are 24 banks.

    Meanwhile, it has been carried out as many as 1,064 Cooperation Agreement (PKS) with account amounted to 118.711, and  the socialization of Simpel Program has been done in 2,588 schools across Indonesia.

    The Councillor Commissioner for Education & Consumer Protection Division OJK, Kusumaningtuti S. Soetiono, the Governor/Regional Government Representative in Indonesia, representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Board of Bank Directors, and invited guests also attend in this socialisation event.

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