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    West Java Pemdaprov Wins Eighth Unqualified Opinion


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) won an unqualified opinion (WTP) for the Regional Government Financial Statements (LKPD) for Fiscal Year 2018 from the Indonesian Audit Board (BPK). This is the eighth WTP opinion.

    West Java Governor Acting Uu Ruzhanul Ulum received the BPK Audit Report (LHP) from West Java Provincial BPK Representative Head Arman Syifa, witnessed by Chairman of West Java DPRD Ineu Purwadewi Sundari, at the DPRD Plenary Meeting in West Java DPRD Building, Diponegoro Street No 27, Kota Bandung, Tuesday (05/28/19).

    "Based on the examination conducted by the BPK on the financial statements of the West Java Provincial Government in 2018, including the implementation of the action plan submitted by the West Java Provincial Government, the BPK again gave unqualified opinions," said Head of BPK Representative of West Java Province Arman Syifa in her report at the plenary meeting.

    "Thus the West Java Provincial Government has succeeded in getting and maintaining the WTP opinion for the eighth time," he continued.

    Met after the event, Acting Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum felt grateful for this achievement. According to him, WTP opinion is an achievement. He thanked all the ASNs in the West Java Provincial Government, including the West Java DPRD as development partners.

    In WTP opinion, the BPK recommends several points to be perfected. Even so, this does not affect the reasonableness of the presentation of financial statements.

    Uu emphasized that the West Java Provincial Government was committed and able to follow up on the recommendations. For information, that of all the recommendations given by the BPK for the LHP LKPD for the 2017 Fiscal Year, the West Java Provincial Government could follow up 63 percent.

    "God willing, this year it will be followed up with a minimum of no more than 60 percent. So, there is an additional realization of recommendations on our side," he said.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in between his activities in Kenya appreciated the performance of the previous government. Emil also gave credit points to the regency and city government in West Java who won WTP opinion, and encouraged other regions to achieve the same achievement.

    Not forgetting Emil also thanked all ASN in the West Java Pemdapov environment. "If there is no contribution from these three parties, the best performance of the West Java Provincial Government will not be achieved," he said.

    As for several recommendations in the 2018 LKPD, namely related to the Internal Control System (SPI) and Compliance with laws and regulations.

    Head of the West Java Province BPK, Arman Syifa, said that this was still within tolerance, which did not hinder WTP status.

    "Indeed, not all of them (financial statements) are perfect, including us in carrying out the audit of financial statements there is a materiality limit, there are fault tolerances that we can tolerate," Arman said when met after the plenary meeting.

    Arman gave an example of a non-cash transaction policy carried out by regional officials. However, in the implementation there were several OPDs that made transactions in cash to carry out activities. According to Arman, this would increase the risk of cash deviations and deficits.

    "We assess compliance with the first, there is a non-cash transaction policy. Because there are several OPDs that take cash for the implementation of some of their activities, because it does increase the risk of irregularities," he explained.

    However, continued Arman, in the inspection process, the transaction process that resulted in the cash difference can be resolved administratively. This means that there is no cash diligence.

    "There are some deviations made by the treasurer which have resulted in cash diligence. But in the process of examining the losses it has been restored, meaning that administratively there is no cash diligence. That is not an exception," he explained.

    Reported by BPK RI, in West Java there are 24 district / municipal government and one provincial government gets unqualified opinion (WTP), three regional governments achieve fair exceptions (WDP), and no disclaimer.

    The three regional administrations which this year obtained the WDP were the Tasikmalaya Regency Government, Cianjur Regency Government, and West Bandung Regency Government. While last year there were also three regional administrations that obtained WDP namely Subang Regency Government, West Bandung Regency Government, and Bandung City Government. (*)

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